Recently ‘Sin City’ director Robert Rodriguez has been talking a lot about the sequel, ‘Sin City 2’. He’s said he has the money and that he wants to film it this year. The only thing holding him up is a finished script. So, according the Hollywood Reporter, Rodriguez and ‘Sin City’ creator Frank Miller are bringing in Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan to “shape” the latest version of Miller’s script.

Monahan won an Oscar for his 2006 ‘The Departed’ screenplay and has been working on a number of high profile films since including ‘Tron: Legacy’ director Joseph Kosinski’s big budget scifi film ‘Horizons’ starring Tom Cruise. Like the first film, the sequel will probably feature several loosely tied-together stories from several characters. Rodriguez told reporters at Comic-con “that actors playing characters that survived the first film are expected to return, and that because much of it is shot in pieces against green screen that scheduling shouldn’t be too difficult.”

About ‘Sin City 2’:
“Cornering the market on sex and blackmail, Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen) matches rich men with prostitutes before snapping their photographs and selling the pictures to their wives — but he’d give anything to go legit. Robert Rodriguez continues to flesh out co-director Frank Miller’s Sin City series of graphic novels with this gritty film noir.”