Going into this week, we know that Tommy is beaten up pretty badly by Marcus and the werewolves. We know that Eric is on a mission to kill Bill. Up to this point we haven’t seen a lot of action that we are used to seeing in ‘True Blood’, but we’re getting a lot of information. This week I think we finally get to see the action that we know and love from our ‘True Blood’ family.

This week starts off quick as Antonia sends Eric in to kill Bill. Bill shoots Eric and the possessed vampires with silver bullets, and Nan Flannigan stakes one of them with a pencil. Eric goes in for the kill with Bill, and Sookie screams stop and uses her fairy powers, which then brings Eric back all of his memories and erases all traces of the spells on him. After the spell is lifted, Antonia sees the destruction she’s caused with the innocents, and looks with regret.

After last week’s get together in his truck, Jason and Jessica talk about what happened. Jessica tries to convince Jason that what they did wasn’t wrong, but Jason feels guilty and tries to convince Jess to glamour him. Jessica is insulted by this notion, and runs off to feed. Later, Hoyt comes by Jason’s after drinking. He goes on about not wanting Jessica back but can’t stay at home. He asks Jason if he can stay, which Jason agrees to course.

Alcide is driving like a maniac trying to get Tommy to the hospital. Tommy says he is dying and that he just wants to go home. When Alcide asks where home is, Tommy tells him Merlotts. Sam meets them there, and tries to get Tommy to drink Vampire Blood, but he refuses. Sam tells him “Don’t be afraid.” Sam and Alcide both know Tommy is going to die, and try talking to him about the afterlife, which Tommy doesn’t believe in. He says he wants to “disappear like I never was, that’s what I want.”  His final conversation with Sam was filled with apologies.

Tommy: “I’m sorry Sam for everything.”
Sam: “Nothing was your fault. I’m sorry I  should have been a better brother, but I didn’t know how.”
Tommy: “You were the best part of my life.”
Tommy’s final words were “Don’t forget about me right away” Sam told him how much he loves him before he died. He turned to Alcide and said Marcus was going to die for what he did. Alcide takes Sam to Shreveport to the 4 werewolves that did this to him. While Alcide is showing Sam where the four werewolves are, Debbie and Marcus share a smoke. They talk a little about their problems with Alcide, and Marcus tells Debbie maybe its time she finds another wolf. Debbie says she’s almost ready to.

Arlene and Terry confront Andy about V found in the house. Andy tries to pawn it off as it being evidence, but Terry knows better. Terry takes Andy to Fort Bellefleur, where Terry hid after he got back from the war and where they used to play as kids. Andy is pissed off and swearing he’s not an addict, that he’s a better man on V. Terry opens a case and you see guns inside, and tells Andy to choose his weapon. After shooting at cans for a while, Andy realizes that he can’t shoot the cans. Terry wants Andy to admit his addiction, but Andy just goes on about how his life was hard. They wind up in a physical fight, but Andy admits his demons. Terry is proud of him and tells him he’ll help get him cleaned up. He goes to pull the truck around, but then makes Andy walk home.

Nan is upset with Bill for not telling her about Sookie. Bill wants Nan gone and Antonia dead. While they are arguing in one room, Eric and Sookie are talking in the other. Eric tells Sookie that he remembers everything, including their time together, and that he does love her. Sookie tells Eric that she loves him too, but she is afraid of her feelings towards Bill. “I love you, I don’t want to lie to you. But I love him too.” Sookie explains that the power that she used to give Eric his memories back was drawn from the fact that she couldn’t imagine a world without Bill in it. Pam comes in, interrupting their conversation, but she is so glad her maker is back. She acts like a school girl and nothing like her normal self. Bill announces they are going to blow up the Moon Goddess (the store that Marnie owns) with Tara and the other hostages. Sookie tries to intervene, but Bill says she isn’t to go near there. Later on, Jason goes to Sookie’s place to get away from Hoyt, since Hoyt is still pining over Jessica and Jason is feeling guilty. Sookie fills in Jason on the vampire plans, and they go and tell LaFayette and Jesus, who decide they are going to stop things as well. Jesus wants to talk with Marnie, since she is a close friend of his, and believes that he can pull her out of the possession.

While this is going on, Antonia comes back to the Moon Goddess where Tara and Hollie are trying to figure out a way to get free. Antonia seems to be fighting with herself and locks herself away. Marnie “spits out” Antonia and the two of them fight. Antonia doesn’t want to do this anymore, because she is hurting innocent people when she herself is a healer. Marnie wants to continue the fight to feel revenge from the bullying that went on through her life. Marnie has come to hate everyone. She eventually brings Antonia back to her side, saying “Fate brough us together. To fight evil. Don’t abandon us. We need you.” Antonia replied “For a life without vampires.” The two of them merge into Marnie’s body again. Tara and Hollie find a spell that would set them free of the store, but Hollie has to do some convincing to get Tara to believe that they can.

Sookie, Jason, Jesus and LaFayette go to Moon Goddess. With some fight from LaFayette, Jesus goes in to see Marnie. There is a spell cast around the store that is very powerful (and looks like it could have ripped Jesus’ skin off) Antonia goes out to see Jesus. She says that Marnie trusts him, but she does not. She tells Jesus to walk through the magic wall. Jesus says that he will, and as he does his face changes to match one of the brujo, which is a Latin Witch. He gains Antonia’s trust by walking through the wall, and they begin talking. Jesus stresses that he would like to talk to Marnie, and Antonia allows him to. Marnie then explains to Jesus that Antonia is there by her choosing. “This is not possession. This is union.” While they talk, Tara and Hollie begin breaking the spell that surrounds Moon Goddess. They are able to, and start running out of the store. Sookie runs to Tara, followed by LaFayette and Jason. Antonia feels the treachery, and teleports the group away. Jason is left beyond the magic wall. Just as the episode ends, Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica show up at Moon Goddess armed.

With only two episodes left, we are certainly left with a lot to deal with this episode! Will Sookie choose Bill or Eric? Or will she get her way and have both? With the union of Marnie and Antonia, does that mean they will live, or die by the end of this season? How do you feel about Tommy’s death? Do you like that Sookie and Jason are working together again?

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