has scored a few new photos from the set of ‘Prometheus’ at Pinewood studios in the UK.

The first photo looks like some sort of transport vehicle that would be at home in ‘Alien’ or ‘Aliens’. The logo on the side of the vehicle looks to be the “Weyland – Yutani” logo of the ‘Alien’ films big bad corporation also known as “The Company”. This is the same organization that has spent its time and resources trying to acquire the xenomorphs from the films by any means necessary including using humans as incubators. The aliens are believed to be wanted by Weyland to create some type of biological weapons as they colonize the universe.

The next photo looks to be some type of hydraulic lift that might be attached to a spaceship. It also looks like a piece of machinery from the only officially released photo.

Their is a third photo that appears to be some type of tunnel. These could be tunnels from the aliens world as they do look like something artist H.R. Giger would create for their world. This design certainly seems to be similar to what we saw of their world in the first film including the egg farm. Fox has already asked that we take down the previously linked images, and because of that we are not adding any interior set photos. The exterior photos should be ok because those can be viewed from outside studio property lines. If you want to see the third leaked photo of the tunnel you’ll have to visit

Directed by Ridley Scott (‘Alien’, ‘Blade Runner’),’Prometheus’ stars Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green. The movie is scheduled to open June 8, 2012.