According to our friends at Airlock Alpha, the Syfy project everyone is is most looking forward to is still in the works!

Jack Kenney, writer for the Syfy Channel’s “Golden Child” ‘Warehouse 13’ was cornered at Comic Con and was forced to reveal what details he knew about the Spin off of  ‘Warehouse 13’ starring Jaime Murray, and hopefully, Gareth David-Lloyd, tentatively called ‘H. G. Wells.’

The video below reveals what we know so far. Since Syfy has a new Vice President, perhaps they will entertain requests from fans to go forward. So hit the Social Media world and spread the word! We want ‘H. G. Wells!!’

For a very good idea of what this amazing Spin Off show might look like, check out our recap of ‘Warehouse 13 here!: ‘Warehouse 13: 3…2…1’ – Recap