After last weeks information packed episode of True Blood, we see LaFayette walk away with Arlene and Terry’s baby, Mikey. We saw Jessica leave Hoyt, and get kicked out of both his and Jason’s house. Sookie got shot, but picked up by Alcide who is being watched by Debbie. Eric went under Antonia’s spell and Bill is silvered by the witches. As if that’s not enough, we only have 3 episodes left. Do you think they can wrap everything up by the end of the season? Do you see Antonia living past 12 episodes? Lets see where this week takes us.

This week begins with Alcide running through the woods with Sookie, when Bill steals her out of his hands and takes her back to her house.  Alcide and Bill start fighting because Sookie barely has a pulse. Alcide asks what they can do to save her and Bill replied with “Pray.” Sookie then wakes up to Bill and Alcide and asks where Eric is. Alcide  leaves after getting angry with Sookie for not taking her own life seriously, especially with vampires. Sookie thanks Bill for his blood and then he leaves as well.

Sookie begins dreaming about sunlight and seeing Eric when Bill appears in the dream. Bill wants Sookie to confront Eric about having never stopped loving Bill. She realizes that she wants both vampires and she is in love with both of them. She proposes that both of the vampires be hers, and that she would either have both vampires or none. Both concede and they all began to have sex, but Sookie wakes up before the good stuff – does that ever bother anyone else?

While this is going on, Antonia explains that Eric is now under her spell. Tara confronts Antonia about killing the vampires and holds the witches hostage. She also states that they will be going to the Festival of Tolerance that the vampires (Bill and Nan) are putting on.

When Alcide comes home, Debbie pretends to be asleep. That day, she goes and buys V off of the street and then goes to see Sookie. Sookie is still nervous about Debbie coming to see her, but after reading her mind decides that Debbie is actually there to help. Debbie goes to Moon Goddess (Marnie’s store) to say that the werewolves are there to help. While Debbie is distracting Antonia, we see Sookie sneak in the back of Moon Goddess and finds Eric. Eric tells her that he is under Antonia’s spell and will be killing the king. Tara sees Sookie, and using her thoughts, tells her they are being held hostage and where to find Bill. Sookie escapes with Debbie, while Tara and the rest of the witches are locked in the store.

Hoyt falls out of bed and packs all of Jessica’s things. LaFayette (still possessed by the Black Woman Spirit) comes in and throws him out with Mikey and Andy’s gun in hand.  During this, Arlene and Terry are telling Jason about Mikey being missing. Hoyt calls Jason during this time and tells him about LaFayette. Andy and Jason go to Hoyt’s, where Andy (who is hopped up on V) breaks down the door. LaFayette shoots at Andy, and Jason refuses to shoot because he has Mikey in his hands. LaFayette says his name is Mavis and she wants them out of her house. Arlene calls Jesus, who shows up and tells Mavis that he is a witch, and he’s here to help. He explains to her that she is not in her body, that she is in his boyfriends body. She realizes he is telling the truth, and breaks down. Jesus uses his magic to help her go through her past life, which she tells the story of the baby and how she was murdered by her lover. They were buried together outside, where Jesus uncovers their bodies. Mavis leaves LaFayette’s body, and everyone at the gravesite agrees that they just witnessed a miracle.

Meanwhile, Sam and Luna decide to take Emma camping to get away from Marcus, who is currently making friends with Alcide, who says he is doing it for Debbie’s sake. Sam wins some major points with Luna by shifting into a bunny for Emma. Marcus goes to see Sam at the bar, where Tommy is there writing a note of goodbye to Sam. Marcus leaves a time and place to meet up with Sam, and Tommy goes in his place (as Sam.) Tommy mouths off to Marcus, who then uses the pack to beat him up. Alcide stops the fight, and they realize that it is Tommy and not Sam. Sam is off making love to Luna in the tents where they are camping.

Sookie shows up at the Festival of Tolerance, where Eric and Antonia have already shown up and possessed 3 vampires. Nan has just welcomed Bill to the stage when the 3 vampires disembowel 3 of the guards that Bill has brought with him, and show them to the public. Antonia tells Eric to attack Bill, and Sookie screams.

This episode was difficult to write about for several reasons. Mainly though, there is so much going on that its hard to keep track of who is who now, especially with the different possessions and skinwalkers. I think Tara realizing what Antonia is becoming is going to be a huge impact to the series, and Eric going after Bill will make Sookie even crazier than she already is. Where do you think the series is going to go in the next 3 episodes? What do you hope to see?

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