This episode jumps into the fray with Dr. Jaurez being quickly briefed on the next travesty of justice. The human condition is now being categorized into three parts concerning “death”. As she reiterates to Rex via phone – “they just took control over Life and Death.” Emergency Miracle Law states that any Category 1 or Category 2 Patients are to be taken to overflow camps – categorization is compulsory.

As many fans have been pleading for, we find Gwen back in Wales, meeting her husband Rhys at the airport. As soon as Gwen and Rhys get to her Mum’s house to see the baby, Gwen sees a map on the wall looking very much like a police detective’s office in the midst of a huge and perplexing case. “What’s all this?” Gwen asks. Her mother promptly informs her, “It’s your latest mission.” A number of buildings, closed for decades, have been reopened and used as “overflow camps” for the whole of South Wales. Newspaper clippings are strewn throughout the wall complaining of the treatment of UK citizens, rights to vote. One headline reads, “Local Farmer says: They go in, but no one comes out.” This, most likely, is the same in every town, city and community around the world. Gwen plans to retrieve her father interned in the camps there, only to be “blocked by red tape.”

Back in America,Venice Beach, to be exact, Captain Jack walks along the beach with Esther. As Esther asks the question on many peoples minds; “Jack, where are you from?” The phones ring, it’s Rex. Duty calls Jack, besides, how could you enjoy the beach with that bloody great jacket on?

After some debate on the sleeping arrangements when Dr. Jaurez shows up, Jack brings ‘Torchwood’ back on line. As the Team begin to fill Vera in on the details of the set-up, she enquires about ‘Torchwood.’ “This name, ‘Torchwood,’ you’re like, investigators?” To which Jack answers, “More like, Freedom Fighters.” Rex explains that to him, “Torchwood no longer exists; it’s just a code word to keep us all together.”

“So am I ‘Torchwood’ now?” asks Dr. Jaurez.

“Welcome aboard.” says Jack, as he gives her the “respect knuckles.”

The plan now, is to get inside those camps and find out what’s going on because at that point in the story “Government now has the power to decide whether you’re alive or dead” and the team feels no one should have that much control.

So the team intends on infiltrating the overflow camps and getting on the inside. Gwen poses as a nurse – Rex uses his obvious category 1 or 2 status to get into the camp in San Pedro.

Massive numbers of people are scattered throughout the camps; military, doctors, mass hysteria. Rex is categorized by a Doctor as 2, but bumps himself up to 1 in order to gain access to the “Modules.” Wales, it seems, is no different. In Gwen’s attempt to rescue her father, he has what appears to be another heart attack, she finds out later that he has been categorized as 1. Rex, it seems, has gotten his wish and is transported to one of the Modules which is nothing more than a dumping ground for Category 1 patients.

Dr. Jaurez is appalled by what she sees there, and in an argument with the head of the San Pedro Camp, is shot and also dumped in one of the Modules to cover it up. She now lay there wounded and bloody. While all this is happening, Jack plays a cat and mouse game with Oswald Danes. Attempting to convince him to expose Phicorp live on air and change the Miracle.

What the cat 1 designation means ultimately is a grizzly fate, and part of ‘Torchwood’ will fall victim to it!

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