In an effort to bring a unique twist to the plateful of  reality programs, the SyFy channel has begun filming the first 6 episodes of  their new reality show ‘Monster Man’. The show will revolve around master prop and monster designer, Cleve Hall and his very unique trade of special effects and creature construction. The series will go behind the scenes of his family owned business as well as record the shenanigans they get into. A press release by SyFy puts it, “ This is our version of American Chopper..the craziness of this fun family is matched only by the insane monsters they build.”

Cleve Hall has been a creature fabricator for over 27 years.  His love of monsters started when he was a toddler when his mother took him and his brother, Ken Hall, (also well known in the Special Effects world for his creation of the Puppet Master) to see Godzilla movies. It was then that he knew he wanted to make and play monsters.

Cleve has appeared in many low budget horror films (usually as a mad killer) but many know him as the man in the
Godzilla suit in ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventures. His latest acting gigs include ‘Bloodstruck’ (where he plays an evil priest) and ‘The Summer of Massacre (in the role of Father Daniel). Behind the scenes he was the Special Effects designer in ‘Bloodstruck’ as well as the designer for the monster dog in ‘Sandlot, the creatures in ‘Troll‘ and was responsible for much of the gore in ‘Re-animator.

Deirdre and Scott Gurney (well known for their specials during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week) work will serve as executive producers  of Monster ManThe series is set to premiere on the SyFy Channel in January, 2012.