Last issue, the twisted “Merc with a Mouth” had discovered that someone had developed a serum that negates his healing ability, making it possible for him to achieve the one thing he wants… his own death. In an attempt on Deadpool’s life, an assassin had accidentally killed an anti-deadpool made up of Deadpool’s rogue bodyparts. (Yeah… I can’t make this stuff up.) Now that Deadpool knows this serum exists, but doesn’t know who has it, he has set into motion an elaborate plan involving his X-Force teammates, Daken, a Hydra agent named Bob, and the King pin. His hope in this demented chess game is that the killer will finally finish the job.

[Warning: minor spoilers below]

This issue, it’s revealed right off the bat that the criminal Tombstone is the one that had the serum created. Deadpool was responsible for putting Tombstone in prison and the cold-hearted killer wanted revenge. Meanwhile, X-Force is attempting to kill the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, since they are under the false assumption that the crime-lord is the one with the serum. In their attack on Fisk, the team has a run in with Typhoid Mary who is acting as the villain’s personal bodyguard. While all this is going on, Tombstone discovers that the Kingpin is searching for the serum himself. With all these criminals warring against each other, Daken on his own personal search for the serum, and Spider-Man looking into the case, Deadpool decides to create a diversion. His idea? A “fake” gang war!

[End of spoilers]

Last issue, my biggest gripe was that I didn’t care for Deadpool as a character on his own. I did, however, like the plot that he’d put into place and that the myriad of criminals, superheroes, and agendas detracted from Deadpool’s personality. That is ramped up even more so with this issue and I like the issue better for it. Writer Daniel Way has created a Deadpool with so many interweaving plots that it reads like one of the better Spider-Man stories… and now Spider-Man has even made an appearance. So yeah… I’ll admit I’m a bit biased against Deadpool. But this issue is actually worth a read and I’m looking forward to seeing how the plot of ‘Dead’ plays out.

Verdict: Buy

Written by DANIEL WAY