Heatwave, Cyborg, Firestorm, Cluemaster, Plastic Man, Amazo… what do these heroes and villains have in common? Well they are all heavily featured in the Flashpoint Legion of Doom tie-in.

This book kicks off with a bang and probably one of the more graphic murders in all of the Flashpoint so far. As Heatwave tracks down Firestorm, he waits until they have just split and lights Jason Rusch up, killing him instantly. Heatwave then decides it is a good idea to try and force Ronnie Raymond to go ahead and merge with him to be the new Firestorm.

Poor Heatwave, he didn’t understand that’s not how Firestorm works. There is a whole mathematical equation called the Firestorm Matrix to get those two guys together to be the Nuclear Man and Ronnie and Jason are just variables.

Just as Heatwave is about to kill Ronnie too, America’s hero, Cyborg, swings into action. Cyborg is able to save Ronnie, a runaway subway train and put out a fire like it’s nothing in the time it takes Heatwave to light up.

The next panel takes place six months later at Queens Row Penitentiary where the villain of our tale, Heatwave, is fighting off the other prisoners Andy Dufresne style. He is close to his time in the electric chair and has nothing to lose, but he does have a plan.

He is going to escape, but only if he can get past the prison’s meanest guard… Amazo! That’s right Professor Ivo’s android is the one keeping all the metas at bay in Queens Row. Of course I see this as being a huge problem, Amazo adsorbs the powers of any meta-human he comes into contact with. This can not end well and I am sure he will end up turning on the other guards. I’m also sure he’ll go on some sort of rampage against the inmates.

This was a good issue. As of post time I’m thinking I will be getting this book next month to see what happens with the introduction of Plastic Man to the Flashpoint. I don’t have a ton of real interest in Heatwave or Cyborg or the rivalry Heatwave has created in his own mind. I’ll have to think long and hard if I need to see the continuation of the story next month though.