Holy moly.  Sunday’s episode of ‘Thrones’ was epic!  With the finale happening next week, HBO is setting the stage for what’s to come perfectly.  If you missed it, I feel badly for you.  I can’t go over every minute detail so try to catch it on HBO On Demand or HBO Go. 

Robb’s Army:Robb and his allies face a difficult situation.  They’ve got to cross The Twins but it’s not that easy.  Walder Frey controls the area and he’s not too kind an individual.  In fact Catelyn determines she’ll talk to him because he’s familiar with her and less likely to kill her.  Nice. 
While there it’s discovered that this very crusty, stingy old man has an obsession with teenagers.  As he’s talking to Catelyn he’s rubbing the backside of his 15 year old wife.  *gags* 

It takes some serious bargaining but Catelyn secures passage.  Unfortunately for Robb and Arya, they have to marry Freys.  Yes, you should feel badly for them – it’s THAT bad.

They cross and engage the Lannister army with only 2,000 men – for what purpose?  To capture Jaime Lannister of course.  Now Catelyn has the other brother as her prisoner and she’s ready to bargain for her husband and daughters.

The Wall:

Jon Snow is shown much thanks for saving the commander from the zombies.  Jeor Mormont gives the Stark bastard the sword called Long Claw with a special wolf prommel made just for him. 

But he’s facing a difficult decision.  He has to decide whether he should stay at The Wall or go and support his brother in war.  Well honestly, for me it wouldn’t be a hard decision…. Hmmm, I can stay and continue to freeze my arse off guarding an ice wall or I can march south with my brothers and defend the lives of my father and sisters.  I really wouldn’t need to think twice.  But apparently Jon’s struggling a bit.

He has a conversation with Master Aemon and finds out that he’s Uncle Aemon to the King Aerys.  He tells Jon that he, too, faced a similar situation when his family was murdered in the uprising that brought King Baratheon to power.  His advice to Jon is this: ““I will not tell you stay or go – you have to choose that and live with it for the rest of your days. As I have.”

Drogo and Dany:Drogo’s chest wound is festering and he falls off his horse.  The other Dothraki see this and one steps forward stating, “A Khal that cannot ride is no Khal.”  Ok, he has a point but his grave isn’t even filled yet – chill out, will you?

Dany orders the witch to come forward to treat her husband’s wound.  Ummmm, why??  Isn’t she the one that treated it the first time?  I kind of agree with the sentiment expressed by the mutinous Dothraki – she should’ve been killed. 

It doesn’t stop there. Dany begs the witch to use magic and she informs the Khaleesi that there’s a price to be paid:  Drogo’s horse must die.  I don’t know, but I seem to think when you have an entire people who have a culture centered around horses, that it’s a pretty bad idea to kill one in such a manner.  But Dany cannot be reasoned with and orders the witch to go along with the ritual. 

The witch slashes the horses neck and blood splashes on Dany and Drogo.  She emerges from the tent and the Dothraki refuse to go near her, thinking she is cursed.  The obstinate warrior from before pushes her to the ground and triggers labor.  Jorah defeats him and carries Dany into the tent where the witchery is taking place – not the best of ideas.

Poor Ned Stark:This story line was just awful, and I don’t mean this in a critical way.  I love Ned and I always appreciate his honorable ways even though they get him into more trouble than he could imagine.

Ned’s still rotting in his dungeon cell when another visit from the eunuch takes place.  He tells Ned that he could save him but he wants to serve the realm.  Ned tells him that as a soldier he’s learned to die a long time ago and he’s ready.

He’s called before the King, and watching this scene was absolutely horrible.  He confesses to treason against the king, a crime he never committed.  Then he offers allegiance to Joffrey.  Sansa is happy; she remembers her pleas to Joffrey and trusts that he’ll follow through on them.  Well, this is one of those “life lesson” moments… don’t trust a Lannister who has too many genes from the same gene pool.  Joffrey orders Ned to be beheaded for his crimes.  Sansa is absolutely beside herself.  Cersei seems concerned but it’s hard to tell since she’s so conniving.
When Ned looks up one last time, he sees Arya’s missing again – perhaps that’s his one last moment of peace, knowing that his daughter escaped once more.  And then it’s lights out for Ned Stark… 

Next week’s the finale of ‘Game of Thrones.’  Don’t miss it!