Finally, we got a peek at the character design for the last of the 52 titles involved in the the DC Universe Reboot (or DCnU as the cool kids are calling it) with the release of the Grant Morrison and Rag Morales cover for Action Comics #1. I have been reading as much news about this historic event as I possibly can. Also, I have been very careful to form any hard opinions based on the cover shot and short blurb for each of the new books.

Of course, I haven’t been completely free of judgement. I am sad to lose my favorite book in the DCU, the current Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) written by Bryan Q. Miller, but I am excited to see what Gail Simone will do with Barbara Gordon back in cape and cowl. Especially since there has been such a heated debate raging on the Internet about Barbara returning to Batgirl and leaving behind the wheelchair and her alter-ego Oracle. Another book I’m excited for is ‘The Fury of Firestorm’ by Simone and Ethan Van Sciver. That being said the majority of my excitement comes with the return of my favorite character in all of comic-dom… Nightwing! I loved Dick Grayson as Batman, especially how he worked with Damien Wayne, but I’m ready for Dick to ditch the cape and cowl and get back to being his own man.

Now for the main event, this list is by no means a complete list of what is coming this fall, but it is a list in no particular order of the redesigns that spoke to me the most; both good and bad.

The Winners:

Love this Supergirl Classic and Modern at the same time.
I miss the blue, but the red (especially the eyes) will strike fear into criminals even better.
Two Firestorms have to be better than one!
Even with a He-Man sword Deathstroke is a bad ass.
It was time to update the Blackhawks. Now they are ready for the 21st Century action.
Love the Cape, the gloves, the Bat-clasp at her neck and of course the red hair.

The Losers:

Miss the red trunks and yellow belt. Everything right with Supergirl is wrong here.
Never really cared for his look in the past, Fair Play tats seem way to NBA.
Why does the African Batman have to be pink-ish purple and teal?
Either it is casual Friday in Metropolis or he is homeless, hence the patches on his knees.
Red Robin stole Falcons wings, I only liked this Superboy a little better than Superboy #1. Why does Kid Flash have old man eyebrows built into his cowl?

Jury is Still Out:

Love Red Hood and Starfire... Not sure about Red Arrow's ball cap. I'll wait for the issue to decide.