Tonight marks the end of 14 years on television for ‘Stargate’ with the series finale episode of ‘Stargate Universe’. The finale episode airs at 9/8c on the Syfy Channel.

“While the Drone storyline hasn’t been as intriguing as the crew learning they had descendants via other versions of themselves, and I’ve missed the complex battles between Col. Young and Rush as they’ve started to work together to survive, it is undoubtedly the end of an era. In the final episode, the crew discover they are in deeper trouble than they thought when they learn the Drones are waiting for them at every planet with a Stargate.”

 Here’s to another nail in the Syfy coffin and a sneak peek:

Also tonight on the Syfy Channel at 10/9c is a new episode of ‘Sanctuary’. The episode, ‘Wingmen’ finds Will and Henry’s plans for a double date being interrupted when Magnus asks them to make a delivery involving an Abnormal, and the creature escapes.

Here’s a preview and a sneak peek: