If you missed Thursday’s episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ I’ll recap here.  But first I must ask – what were you thinking??  You have to watch it yourself to get the full effect!  Stepping off my soap box now, let’s more forward where there will be lots and LOTS of spoilers.

Starting with the subplot, Caroline and Matt escape Tyler’s attack by wounding him via gun.  They run for cover and hide back at home.  Matt tells her that he’s known she’s been a vampire all this time and not only that, but her mom knows too.  Caroline’s worried, and has every right to be.  Her mother hates vampires.  She asks Matt what happens with them and he basically tells her he doesn’t want this kind of excitement in her life.  He dumps her.  BUT – she finds a naked Tyler on her porch, brings him in and fixes him up. When he wakes up she gets some snuggle time with him.  Can’t believe a werewolf and vampire are hooking up!

Moving on to the main plot now… this had to be the most depressing episode I’ve ever seen.  Elena is brought before Klaus to be sacrificed. Jenna (as we know) has been turned.  Her and Elena have some touching moments and she tries to get her aunt to run when she has the chance.  There are a couple of things at play here.  Of course someone wasn’t going to make it out alive, but I honestly didn’t know who was going to be killed.  Let’s continue.

So Jenna and Elena are brought to the sacred grounds.  Jules is the spare werewolf, and she’s killed by Klaus – her beating heart ripped from her chest.  In the meantime, Stefan and Damon are trying to work out a plan to stop the whole thing from happening.  They know that if Elena is bitten and drained, she’ll become a vampire (thanks to Damon).  John now has to step in and save Elena from becoming the very thing he hates the most.  So Bonnie whips a spell on him that will allow his life force to transfer from him into her.  Funny, we don’t know about the catch until later…

Stefan and Elijah have a meeting where the Original promises that he will indeed kill his brother.  He explains it will be revenge for Klaus killing his family and scattering their bodies across the seas.  But when the time for delivery comes, Elijah is not an honorable undead man. 

Afterward Stefan arrives to take Jenna’s place as the vampire to be sacrificed, but Klaus won’t have it.  He stakes Stefan and throws him aside, saying he’ll need him later.  So now we have a Jenna, Stefan and Elena, all in a very precarious situation.

Jenna is brought forth to be sacrificed.  She tries to fight back instead of running away (she should’ve listened to Elena!) but things end badly for her and Klaus rams a wooden stake through her heart.  Not Jenna….noooo! *sniff*

Elena is beside herself.  Klaus brings her to the center of the grounds and begins to drain her.  Stefan, being incapacitated, can do nothing.  But the cavalry arrives just in the nick of time!  Bonnie starts her spell casting and we can see her magical powers ripping through his body.  In the meantime Damon attacks and kills Greta, Klaus’ witch.  They pin Klaus down and in rushes Elijah to finish his brother off, right?  Wrong.  Klaus tells Elijah that he didn’t scatter their family’s bodies; they’re in a safe place.  Stefan and Bonnie urge Elijah to finish the job but it’s a no-go.  He rushes off with his brother and disappears.

Damon unstakes his brother and rushes Elena back home.  While there they rest her on the couch and wait to see what happens.  Jeremy and Alaric tend to her (since Bonnie had put them on magic house arrest when they went on this adventure).  Suddenly Elena wakes up gasping for breath and just like that..John collapses and dies outside.  So, so sad.

He left a note with Jeremy which he gave to her.  It said that he wasn’t the father she needed him to be, and he was sorry for that.  He also gave his ring to her so that she could give it to her own child when the time comes.

The show ends with the group at the cemetery, mourning the loss of Jenna and John.  Damon finally confesses to Stefan that he’s been bitten by a werewolf but asks him to keep it from Elena.

You do not want to miss the season finale of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ next week!  Be sure to tune in and see what happens to Damon and the others.