Fear continues to spread throughout the Marvel Universe. In Fear Itself Book Two, Fear has started to take hold of Earth and Asgard (but don’t tell Odin). Not only is Odin preparing Asgard for war, but he is calling out his son Thor. Of course, Thor seems to keep brining it on himself by continually challenging his dear old one-eyed dad.

Meanwhile, back on Earth strange things are happening. In the floating prison known at The Raft, Juggernaut is enjoying some yard time when a mysterious explosion and strange green light transform the Unstoppable one into Kuurth: Breaker of Stone! Marvel, please, please, please make a Kuurth action figure! Think DC Direct’s Blackest Night Mongul.

Aside from the happenings on The Raft, all heck is breaking out all over the planet as shown with random text balloons sharing news from around the globe. At the heart of it all, Steve Rodgers is deploying the Avengers to get out there to protect and serve. I like Steve Roger’s new look, but I’m ready for him to go back to being Captain America.

Now, Juggernaut wasn’t the only one getting in on the transformation fun. In Brazil, a mysterious hammer found it’s way to the Hulk. While exploring the crash site with his wife, Betty Ross (also a Hulk now, with some pretty sweet and stylish red highlights), he touches the hammer and is transformed into Nul: Breaker of Worlds! What I said about Kuurath, goes triple for Nul…just saying. He is able to hold on long enough to tell Betty to RUN!

The Final transformation happens in South Africa when the Avengers are exploring yet another mysterious hammer. Absorbing Man and Titania are checking it out trying to lift it out of the ground, but to no luck. Absorbing Man isn’t transformed, but when Titania reaches out… BAM! Skirn: Breaker of Men rises! Of all the breakers she speaks in English and informs Absorbing Man, she is not the only Breaker, his hammer is North.

The issue closes out with Nerkkod: Breaker of Oceans destroying an oil pipeline and the Serpent rallying it’s swastika decorated robot battle suits for them to, “Go forth in War and Slaughter!!!” The final splash page of this issue shows the Nazi Robot Suits destroying Washington D.C. The final words, Steve Rogers calling for a good old fashioned Avengers Assemble! Anyone? Anyone? Avengers?

I really enjoyed this installment into Fear Itself, not because of the story as much as the want to see some of these characters made into some pretty sweet action figures. But don’t get me wrong, the story was good too. I’m looking forward to Book 3, ‘The Hammer That Fell on Yancy Street’, hitting a shelf near you next month.