The Road to Flashpoint is coming to an end, but before we reach our destination we still have a surprise or two along the way.

Flash #11 picks up with the murder mystery from issue 10 where someone is killing the good people of Central City by aging them rapidly and prematurely. Short on evidence and the only clue is a young boy who apparently witnessed the most recent slaying, Barry Allen is left searching for answers.

Meanwhile, back at the Central City Police Station, Barry and the reluctant Patty Spivot are trying to to coax a statement out of the young witness. He is not talking though, apparently at least not to anyone but Patty. She is left holding the bag as Barry has to speed off to his wife Isis and an “emergency” at home.

Before we get to the “emergency”, I want to talk about Hot Pursuit a little. Spoiler alert, Hot Pursuit is not the killer, but since he is Barry Allen from an alternate Earth you already knew that. While he is not murdering people, he does have an agenda for being on our Earth. Unfortunately for Bart Allen, that agenda is him. Hot Pursuit is searching for a time anomaly and he thinks that anomaly is Bart. The one thing I like about Hot Pursuit is his Cosmic Motorcycle, while he can’t tap into the Speed Force himself at least he can go super fast on his bike.

Ok, back to Barry and his “emergency” call. I’m sure you are wondering why I’m using quotes, it is because the emergency is really a non-emergency it is an intervention for Barry. His family is worried, he’s not slowing down and he is missing out on his life. Oh and he is treating Bart like a red headed step-child. Needless to say things could have gone better in the intervention and Bart ends up super speeding off only to run into our old pal Hot Pursuit. I suspect the outcome of this part of the story will be the basis for the Flashpoint tie-in series Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost.

The other big surprise is that the murder mystery was solved for us loyal readers, not the characters yet, but for us yes. And the killer is…. drum roll….. I’m not going to tell you, you have to go pick up Flash #11 to find out for yourself. You’ll be happy you did, it is a good penultimate issue for the Road to Flashpoint. The finale of the Road to Flashpoint will be out in May at the same time as Flashpoint #1. So, If you are picking up both make sure to read Flash #12 first to try and cut down on any confusion that may be caused.