John Rozum Leaves ‘Static Shock’

With a massive undertaking like relaunching an entire comic line, there are bound to be hiccups. DC’s New 52 experienced two of those today as one of the writers on ‘Static Shock’ left the series and one of the most-anticipated titles, ‘Green Lantern’, was recalled due to a printing error.

It was announced yesterday that John Rozum, who co-wrote the first issue of ‘Static Shock’, left the series of his own accord. Rozum said of the split:

“I have resigned from Static Shock. Before any speculation starts the decision was entirely mine. My issues for leaving had nothing to do with the character or with DC Comics. I plan to continue working for DC long into the future and am developing new projects for them at this time.”

It’s a rather vague statement that really gives no detail as to why the writer, creator of DC/Milestone’s ‘Xombi’, would just walk away from a title after a single issue. To make matters more curious, Rozum added: “I’m also open to any other offers, so if you are in the position to give me work, please let me know.” What that means is anyone’s guess but I would like to see Rozum continue with DC Comics in some manner.

‘Green Lantern’ #1 Recalled

The second ball to drop on DC’s parade yesterday was the recall of an undetermined number of issues of Geoff Johns’ ‘Green Lantern’ #1. The misprint in question is a green ring that appears above Green Lantern Sinestro’s ear on some copies of the book (as seen in the image below). DC has requested that comic shops pull the erroneous issue from their shelves and return them to the company. Shops will be sent replacement issues on October 12th. Fans, and those who buy comics as collectibles, are already on the hunt for the misprinted issues with dollar signs in their eyes.