Alright, last week I said I’d give you time to catch up on the premiere before I started sharing what happened, which hopefully you did because we’re going to start discussing the episodes in detail now.  Spoilers are ahead, so consider yourself warned!

During last week’s premiere, we went through the tedious task of becoming familiar with all the team players in ‘Thrones’ and their varying situations.  We learned that Ned Stark has a strong devotion to his family and is selected to be the King’s hand.  We also saw an incestuous relationship in action between two siblings – Daenerys and Viserys, and (even more surprisingly and more explicit) Queen Cersei and her twin brother Ser Jaime of the Lannisters.  We saw the Starks stumble upon an abandoned litter of dire wolves and a pup is given to each child, even Jon Snow, Ned’s bastard son.  At the end of the episode, little Bran climbs up the tower and catches Cersei and her brother getting it on.  Ser Jaime pushes the little guy out of the window, leaving him in a comatose state.

So what happened this week?  We see Daenerys getting tearfully pounded by Drogo, her new husband.  After a conversation with one of her attendants, she wishes to be taught in the ways of sexual pleasure.  She picks up a few things from her servant and surprises her husband with a new position, which he seems to enjoy.

In Winterfell, Bran lies in a coma in his room while his mother looks on.  We find that tensions run high between Jon Snow and his step mother because as he shows affection to Bran before he leaves for the Night Watch, Lady Catelyn hisses at him and demands that he leave.  How dare her step son show affection for her family!

But before Jon leaves, he gives his little (step) sister Arya a sword he had specially made for her – which she names Needle.  He then departs and as he does so, Ned tells him that although he doesn’t bear his name he’ll always be a Stark.

Ned leaves with the king, and as he says his goodbyes to Bran and his wife, Catelyn melts into tears and reminds him that the last time he left he came home with another woman’s son (now we know why she has animosity toward Jon).  He tells her that he has to go, but she’s not convinced.
Along on their journey, the king and Ned take a break where it seems only they’re allowed to eat, and they discuss word of the marriage between Daenerys and Drogo.  The king indicates his desire to end the matter with a brave man and a knife, but Ned is not in agreement.  He doesn’t perceive them to be as much of a threat as the king does.

Back at home in Winterfell, an assassin sneaks in with a knife to end Bran’s life once and for all.  Catelyn grabs the blade with her hands and is covered in blood.  We think all is lost but just in time Bran’s dire wolf jumps through the window and rips out the assassin’s throat, saving both Bran and his mother in the process.  He then curls up next to Bran on the bed.  Good boy!

Afterward Catelyn bolts across the courtyard to the tower where Bran fell.  In a scene that’s reminiscent of ‘CSI,’ she finds a very long blond hair and a bare patch on the floor with no dust on it.  She confides in Robb and a few others that Bran didn’t fall; he was pushed.  She tells them that with the assassin, and now knowing what she does about the fall, it’s obvious the boy saw something he wasn’t meant to see.  It is then she decides to ride and tell her husband of this herself with only one escort so as to not rise suspicion.

In King’s Landing Joffrey and Sansa walk together (as he encourages her to drink,) when they come across Arya and the butcher’s boy sword fighting with sticks.  Joffrey cuts the boy’s face because he’s of a lower class.  Arya sticks up for her new friend and whacks Joffrey with her stick.  The prince turns his sword on her and her dire wolf comes to the rescue, biting his hand.  She then grabs the prince’s sword but releases him after he snivels and begs for mercy.

She hides in the forest with her wolf and knowing that her wolf will be killed, she chases her pet into the woods.  She’s finally discovered and brought to court.  Ned gives his daughter a hug and both are forced to give an account of what happened.  Sansa is asked to testify but, being a bit spineless (or perhaps her loyalty is stronger for the prince?) she claims she does not remember because it happened so fast.  The king agrees that the matter should be handled by the parents but the queen demands the death of the dire wolf.  Since Arya’s is missing, Sansa’s must perish.  Ned agrees to do it himself, and the animal dies off screen.

Next scene we seen Bran’s face – his eyes are open!

Stay tuned for next week’s recap of ‘Game of Thrones!’