First Episode Of Stranger Things 4 Contains Another X-Men Reference

Comic book fans tend to be divided into two major camps– DC people and Marvel people– and it looks as though the ‘Stranger Things’ kids are officially Marvels.  In ‘Stranger Things 3’, Dustin returned from science camp and immediately used the knowledge he’d acquired to build a communications system that he dubbed “Cerebro” after the name of the supercomputer that Professor Charles Xavier uses in the ‘X-Men’ comics to locate other mutants.

November 6 was officially “Stranger Things Day” and in celebration, the creators unleashed a trio of blooper reels— one for each season.  But that wasn’t all.  Below you can see a photograph of the script for the first episode of Season 4, courtesy of the show’s writers (in this case, the show’s creators The Duffer Brothers), and as you can see, the title is “The Hellfire Club.”

I guess it would be more accurate to say that The Duffer Brothers are Marvels, and have transferred that preference to their young protagonists.  But that wouldn’t be much of a stretch, considering Marvel’s ‘Uncanny X-Men’ was the #1 comic book of the era.


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The Hellfire Club was first introduced during the legendary “Dark Phoenix Saga” in 1980.  This secret organization was comprised of the richest and most powerful mutants, who sometimes used their abilities to get ahead in the business world, rather than the traditional supervillain methods of conquest.  Their “codenames” were derived from the game Chess, and among their most notable members are Sebastian Shaw, the Black King, Emma Frost, the telepathic White Queen, and Selene, the energy vampire, Black Queen.

These characters have appeared in various adaptations, including ‘X-Men: First Class’, and the FOX TV series ‘The Gifted’, which was originally conceived as ‘Hellfire’ and would have focused primarily on this organization.


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What does that have to do with ‘Stranger Things’?  Technically, Dustin’s Cerebro didn’t perform quite the same purpose as the X-Men’s, so maybe they are just borrowing another name from the comics.  It has been revealed that a new group of teens will show up– a rich jock, a metalhead, and a stoner.  Are they the “Hellfire Club?”  Or with all of the bizarre happenings in Hawkins, are a bunch of powerful bureaucrats going to swoop in and begin calling the shots?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.  ‘Stranger Things 4’ is expected to begin filming in January, and reportedly, it’s expected to run into August.  If that’s the case, don’t expect the new season until 2021.  Stay tuned for updates as they arrive!