As if James Cameron doesn’t have a rich enough background in his field, he’s now venturing into starting his own 3D broadcasting company. 

You may recall that I reported here about James Cameron’s fusion camera and its use during the filming of ‘Avatar’ and ‘Sanctum.’ Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, now Cameron and Vince Pace, the developers behind the ever-famous fusion camera, are forming the Cameron-Pace Group.  The Group will bring forth new technology to help facilitate 3D broadcasting.

“Broadcasting is the future of 3D,” Cameron said, predicting that in as few as two years, “everything will be produced in 3D and 2D versions will be extracted from that.”

Said Pace, “2D viewing would need to be just as good as a 2D production, with no compromise.”

The Group wants to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D that was caused by consumer electronics companies.  Many people are still resistant to 3D technology because of their unwillingness to wear special equipment (i.e. glasses) to view it.   In addition, 3D television sets are on the expensive side.  The Group wants to make 3D technology available to more people on a global level.

As the Cameron-Pace Group targets broadcasting, Cameron said, “We are shifting from having to create 50-70 (camera systems) for movies to thousands of rigs that need to go out there for the rapidly growing broadcasting business. We have a very specific strategy and are investing aggressively in R&D.”

“Our strategic plan is to make 3D ubiquitous over the next five to 10 years on all platforms,” he added, predicting that in three to five years there will be 100% adoption at the cinema level and rapid expansion in the home market.

Cameron pointed out that when the consumer electronics companies “charged ahead, that created a content gap.”

“Broadcasting will be the future of 3D,” said Pace. “We are going to turn it into something that is really a revenue stream.”