Dynamo Player’s been gaining ground in online film distribution.  If you have some quiet moments at home or even in the office (don’t worry – we won’t tell your boss), you might want to take a look to see what they have to offer.  They’ve announced the release of two new films available for online viewing this week, including documentary, horror and comedy features from three continents.

In a first for the New York City startup, Dynamo Player was employed for the simultaneous theatrical and online premiere of Aussie comedy ‘Little Johnny the Movie.’ Anyone unable to make it to a public screening can watch immediately on the film’s web site (http://littlejohnnythemovie.com/video-on-demand/).After a weekend of successful screenings and steady online sales, ‘Little Johnny’ producer David Redman says choosing this approach was the right decision.

“The combination of a theatrical release as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and a simultaneous worldwide online release via Dynamo has been the most effective and efficient way of building audience interest in our movie worldwide,” Redman said.

Meanwhile, previously released films like Barry Ptolemy’s documentary on legendary inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, ‘Transcendent Man,’ continue to expand their audience online with Dynamo Player. Viewers are now watching ‘Transcendent Man’ on the film’s web site (http://transcendentman.com/watch-now/), Facebook page, and many other sites where fans and critics have embedded the video player.

“The best thing about discovering a film like Transcendent Man online is you can watch it immediately,” says Will Coghlan, Dynamo COO and a fan of the film. “Viewers can watch a great film like this as soon as they discover it, right on the same page, while they are still excited about it.”

When viewers are excited about a film, Dynamo also makes it easy to spread the word. Fans can share films by email, tweet links to them on Twitter, or tell all of their friends on Facebook using buttons that are right inside the video player. After hearing about a film, the ability to quickly pay with PayPal and Amazon also helps to deliver steady sales.

Since opening the online video platform to filmmakers of every stripe last September, CEO Rob Millis says Dynamo Player has seen steady sales growth for their films.  “It’s exciting to have such a wide variety of filmmakers choosing Dynamo Player,” Millis says, “and very gratifying to see independent creators earning thousands of dollars each month with our platform.”

For more information, visit www.DynamoPlayer.com.