Of course we have robots to protect the streets of future Detroit, serve as science officers on commercial towing spaceships, and become Stepford wives, so it makes sense the next evolution would be androids anchoring the news.

Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science would like to introduce Kodomoroid, the world’s first newscasting android. (So, wait a minute, you’re telling me Brian Williams isn’t an android?)

Kodomoroid is part of an exhibit dedicated to humanoid robotics entitled “Android: What Is Human?”. The exhibit was created by a team from Osaka University and the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International led by Horishi Ishiguro.

Oddly enough, Ishiguro made headlines earlier for creating an android in his own image named Geminoid. (In fact, Ishiguro actually sends his humanoid version of himself overseas to give lectures on his behalf. “It cuts down on my business trips,” Ishiguro stated.)

With a link to the internet, robo-Diane Sawyer treats visitors to the latest news of the day, in several different languages. Kodomoroid also reads Tweets and can adjust her voice.

Kodomoroid is made with a special kind of silicone that makes the surface eerily similar to human skin and muscle. She is powered by compressed air and servomotors and is commanded via remote control. While she’s unable walk, she can move her upper body, arms, fingers and head and can also show a range of facial expressions. Oddly, she does find the need to blink from time to time.

Kodomoroid does look rather young to be a newscaster. However, she did inform reporters at the exhibit that she does dream of one day having her own TV show. (Fingers crossed it’s a ‘Small Wonder’ reboot…)

In addition to Kodomoroid, the exhibit also features a slightly older android named Otonaroid who serves as a museum guide and interacts with visitors, likely reminding them that no flash photography is allowed.

Take a look at the androids in action!

Source: Wall Street OTC