I admit, I’m a fan of most anything HBO produces.  Since ‘The Sopranos’ first made its debut I’ve been continually enthralled by many of their original series, including ‘True Blood’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire.’  But now there’s a new one that’s getting ready to premiere, and it seems as though it can easily eclipse the others…or can it?

I watched the 15 minute preview of ‘Game of Thrones’ as objectively as possible.  See, just because this series bears the name of a network I’m fond of, doesn’t mean that I’m going to automatically give it a glowing review.  In fact, the more hype a show gets from the media, the more skeptical I become.  But I did watch it in its entirety and, in truth, I found it to be very captivating.

The acting was superb.  While I didn’t get to see much of the characters, Ned does stand out in memory due to the respect he commanded among his sons and the rest of the men.  I was also very impressed by the costumes; the garb looks like something out of a museum – very realistic clothing for people who live in a colder climate.

I also noticed that the sets are gorgeous, but it was hard not to.  From the beginning of the preview I could see the landscape and how breathtaking it was.  From the forest itself to Winterfell, I found the scenery in ‘Game of Thones’ to be very aesthetically pleasing.

I didn’t get to see much in those first 15 minutes that allowed me to really grasp the nature of the series (though I already know from my own research).  But from what HBO chose to share gave me enough of a glimpse to realize ‘Game of Thrones’ is very well made and shouldn’t be missed.

Stay tuned – when it airs I’ll be doing regular recaps of the episodes each week. The series will premiere April 17th at 9pm on HBO.