HBO is promoting their new series, Game of Thrones, to a crazy degree.  And by crazy, I mean wonderful.  In addition to a multi-sensory game (Maester’s Path), t-shirts, and a whole store/museum of Game of Thrones items in New York, they have launched a food truck.  A Taste of Westeros made its way around Manhattan last week.

Chef Tom Colicchio has designed an entire menu based on the lands of the Seven Kingdoms.  The truck serves food from a different region of Westeros each day.  It’s a limited run truck that will only be around for ten days.  After five days in Manhattan last week, the truck has moved to Los Angeles.  The Westeros treats that have been served sound delicious enough to inspire a Game of Thrones dinner party – without the blood or betrayal that usually comes with such parties in the book.  The menu has included trout with almond butter, rabbit, stewed pistachios, corn fritters, and lemon cakes among many other delectable items.  Visit the Facebook page to see videos of each day’s menu, but I don’t recommend watching those if you are hungry.  I hope this inspires a Westeros cookbook.  Colicchio was kind enough to post a recipe for the lemon cakes though.

The catch is that the truck is limited to 300 servings a day.  Fans must be watchful of the Game of Thrones Facebook and Twitter accounts.  They announce the general location of the food truck each morning and also mention the approximate time it will show up.  As that time gets closer, they will post precise information.  Then it’s off to the races.  I plan to chase down the food truck in Los Angeles this week as many times as I can.  I expect that the lines will be long, especially considering the amazing reviews of the food experience in New York, but I’m okay with that.  As with conventions, it’s a lot of people gathering for the same purpose.  I can’t wait to meet more Game of Thrones fans while waiting for my serving of squab.