, a Los Angeles-based homework help website, has an idea they think will motivate more children to not only do their homework, but to do it well.  They initiated their Wii-A-Day Giveaway promotion starting on April 1st, which involves giving away a Nintendo Wii each day of the month of April to members of Student of Fortune. Non-members will be able to sign up for an account on the website.

To enter the contest, members will need to post a “homework related” question on the site, including anything from a question about math to help with physics homework. Each day, the Student of Fortune staff will hand select a posted question and award that member with a new Nintendo Wii.

The company is also using Twitter as a means to spread the news about the contest and attract prospective members. By posting a predetermined tweet, users will earn another entry into the Wii giveaway, thereby doubling their chances to win each day.

With about 30 Wiis to give out, the company hopes the magnitude of the promotion will attract a lot of attention. Sean McCleese, the founder and CEO of the company, claims this promotion will be one of the biggest contests launched by Student of Fortune thus far.

“We have yet to launch a promotion of this size,” said McCleese. “If this contest goes according to plan, we will certainly consider hosting many more promotions in the future. But for now, we’re just crossing our fingers.”

Student of Fortune certainly aims to make the promotion a big success, but either way, there will be a lot of happy Student of Fortune members come April.

Alright, I understand wanting to make an incentive for kids to do their homework, but giving away a video game system?  I would have thought perhaps something more scholarly would have been awarded.  In any event, the contest runs through the month of April.  Good luck to all who enter!