Wonder Woman is back and better than ever ~ or is she?  Depends on whether you like remakes or not, but regardless NBC’s ‘Wonder Woman’ is currently in production and is looking good!

According to Deadline, Hollywood Boulevard was closed as important scenes were shot in this newest series.  In this part, Adrienne Palicki relentlessly chases a bad guy down the street.  Photos were released which show Palicki in action and also detail the changes that were done to the original costume.  It’s clear that Wonder Woman’s iconic garb got a makeover, and so far it looks good.  There have been some tweaks to it since it was originally unveiled for this newest show because fans were less than pleased with its appearance (shiny leggings and blue boots have been replaced).

Palicki is Diana Price / Wonder Woman, a highly successful corporate executive who also fights crime in her free time.  Throughout the series her goal will be trying to balance the aspects of her very abnormal and extraordinary life.  Palicki was the only actress invited to test for the role.

Trying to fill the shoes (boots?) left by Linda Carter during her run as Wonder Woman (1975-1979) may prove to be difficult, but NBC has faith in Adrienne Palicki so perhaps we should too.  Maybe she can pull it off after all, and in the end we might find ourselves pleasantly surprised with the outcome.