The CW has released a new trailer for ‘Charmed’ its new reboot series which premieres on the network next month.  The program focuses on three sisters, one of whom is just discovering her familial connection to the other two, who grew up together.  After their mother’s mysterious death Madelaine Mantock‘s Macy Vaughn introduces herself to Melonie Diaz‘ Mel and  Sarah Jeffrey’s Maggie Vera.  Now united with the Power of Three, the sisters discover that they are not only witches but the Chosen Ones, especially powerful beings who must use their newfound abilities to save the world on a weekly basis.

Of course, this series is a reboot of the original ‘Charmed’ that ran from 1998-2006, which featured the Halliwell sisters Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Prue (Shannen Doherty), with Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan) later replacing Pru.  There has been some tension regarding this remake, and whether it will honor the original or if it is just piggybacking on its success.

But the latest trailer, while brisk and overall light, reveals a major nod to the original.  In fact, it may be more than a nod.  It’s possible that the two incarnations of ‘Charmed’ may actually be connected!

Check out the new trailer and see if you can spy a connection to the first series:

As Macy, Mel and Maggie examine the Book of Shadows, they discover a chapter devoted to Melinda Warren, a character established in the original.

Melinda is an ancestor of the Halliwell sisters, the first witch in the family line and the one who prophesied the arrival of the three Charmed Ones as well as was the creator of the Book of Shadows — the book of magic passed down to every generation of Warren Witches since its creation in the 17th century.

Tyler Layton played Melinda Warren in the first-season episode “The Witch Is Back.”

Melinda Warren’s presence may indicate that the Vera/Vaughn sisters may inhabit the same world as the Halliwell/Matthews sisters, which could open the door for appearances from ‘Charmed’ cast members past, which may go a long way in smoothing out any residual resentment.

‘Charmed’ makes its premiere on The CW on Sunday, Oct October 14 at 9pm EST.