You’ve seen zombies in movies and on television, crawling through streets on an endless hunt to devour human flesh.  There’s no escape; we all know it’s true.  But just when you thought the internet was safe, zombies come to Facebook.  

Digital Chocolate, a leader in social games across growing platforms, recently announced the launch of ‘Zombie Lane’ on Facebook, a fun and hilarious take on zombie games gone social. The game is currently recruiting brave players in the quest to defend and take back control of their neighborhood from the endless waves of zombies.

“Zombies continue to be an incredibly popular theme in games and movies,” said Marc Metis, President of Digital Chocolate. “We’ve set out to create the first great zombie game on Facebook.”

Customize everything about your character from its gender, appearance, to choice of weapons. You can either purchase your weapon from the market or gather materials around your homestead to assemble super weapons such as the powerful flamethrower that provides unique firepower.

Robert, the friendly Rent-a-Cop, will help direct players through the missions where they’ll encounter a humorous collection of zombies from all walks of life with different strengths – from waitress and plumber zombies to the always present zombie salesmen. Challenging horde quests will put you and your fellow neighbors in survival mode. Players will be able to meet other fun and vibrant characters in the game including Farmer Frank, helping him harvest his crops.

Created specifically to take full advantage of the social features on the platform, players can gift items and share coins with friends, and visit friends’ neighborhoods to help in the fight. Digital Chocolate will be implementing a steady wave of enhancements and new content to ‘Zombie Lane’ in the coming weeks.

‘Zombie Lane’ is available to play for free on Facebook by going to For more information about Digital Chocolate’s games, go to