‘Xombi’ is the story of David Kim, a Korean-American scientist from New Jersey. Kim has developed a nanotechnological virus capable of extensive tissue regeneration. But before he could test his invention, a villain named Dr. Sugarman broke into his lab and tried to steal the virus. In the fight, Kim was critically injured and in an attempt to save his life his assistant injected him with the virus. However, since the nanites use available matter to restore damaged tissue, his assistant (who had laid his body on her lap) was partially assimilated by the nanites. Now Kim is a Xombi, a potentially immortal technologically-enhanced human being.

DC Comics premiered ‘Xombi’ in 1994 with the book Xombi #0. Because of his enhanced human status, David Kim is embroiled in the affairs of various races of supernatural beings who have secretly lived among humanity for millennia known collectively as the shadow worlds.

In Xombi #1, things all over the world are not where they are supposed to be, signaling a warning of things to come. It is up to David Kim (the Xombi), Catholic Girl, Nun of the Above, Father Maxwell and Nun the Less to discover what is causing these strange occurrences. They investigate the secret prison below Dakota to insure the prisoner kept in the Green House is still present and accounted for.

While I am not super familiar with the story of Xombi, which was created by the late great Dwayne McDuffie for Milestone Media, I can say I really enjoyed issue #1. It has mystery, a near immortal uber-human and plenty of religious themes to keep this story fresh and fun. The panels with David Kim and his best friend Chet Flynn were some of my favorites. Especially when David was recreating popcorn on a molecular level from shredded paper.

I’m going to recommend picking up Xombi #1. The groundwork is firmly in place for an adventure and some solid storytelling. I believe wrier John Rozum and artist Frazer Irving will take us readers on a great ride.