In the latest episode of Cartoon Network’s ‘Young Justice’, the team finds itself wandering the desert of Bialya with no memory of the past six months, including the rescue of Superboy and Aqualad apparently learning to speak english. This leaves only Miss Martian to restore their memories and find out who is behind the team’s memory loss.

With each episode that passes, I am growing to enjoy Miss Martian more and more. For the Young Justice team she is filling the same role as her “uncle” the Martian Manhunter… the heart and soul. You can argue she is easily the most powerful member of the team and probably the least experienced (she wasn’t taught telepathically by Genomorphs like Superboy), and I can’t help but laugh each and every time we are treated to the “Hello Megan” followed by the requisite head slap. I have a feeling without her ‘Young Justice’ would be very sterile and cold.

“Bereft” featured the villainous genius telepath Psimon. Once again the crew over at ‘Young Justice’ is digging deep in to the DC Comics vault and bringing out a powerful, not quite mainstream villain to battle our favorite covert team of heroes. In this case Psimon was using his powers to wipe the last six months from the minds our our young heroes.

So I liked Kid Flash and Arrowette/Artemis part of the story, since Wally doesn’t remember he isn’t crazy about her he can take the time to hit on her. Wally missing his food stash was a nice bit of humor. The fight with Superboy was  pretty cool too, it was nice to see them working together. Lost memory is just a pain in the butt.

The worst part of this team losing their memories, they are stuck in the desert and that means Aqualad is without water and essentially powerless until he can get some of that “high quality H2O. The other thing about memory loss, Robin reverts to solo mode, and while it was awesome watching him kick some baddie tail, I really like the path he is on learning to work within the confines of a team.

M’gann’s psychic battle was Psimon was excellent, so often when telepaths battle there isn’t a lot of back and forth. In this instance the back and forth came from M’gann finally realizing just how powerful she really is and ultimately saving the day. I am really enjoying her growth as a hero and the storyline with her and Superboy.

Bereft was a good episode with lots of team building, lots of cool memory loss and the story of The Light proceeded with a hint of what’s to come for our heroes, can you say Boom Tube? In case you missed it, next week Cartoon Network is re-airing the series premiere episode Independence Day: Part 1 at 7:00 pm EST, so tune in and see how it all began.