Residents of Austin, Texas beware, ‘Westworld’ is coming, along with a whole… “host” of guests. Seriously though, it seems to help celebrate their presence at SXSW (South By South West) this year, HBO’s ‘Westworld’ has rented out 2 acres of land to recreate the town of Sweetwater from the series, billing the attraction as a “Live Without Limits Weekend,” which is ironic because they only could handle a limited number of guests, and the attraction has already exceeded their maximum number, at least according to the website you visit to make a reservation (DiscoverWestworld.com).

Still, for those lucky enough to go, they will apparently be picked up by a Delos Shuttle and brought into the attraction that includes The Coronado Hotel and the Mariposa Saloon from the series, but not before first being assigned either a white or black hat. In the “park,” guests will be able to sample western food, pet the horses (real, not robotic sadly), interact with the Hosts (also real, not robotic, and fortunately for all involved, unlike in the show, definitely not going to be fulfilling any depraved sexual desires for the guests), and most interesting, be able to hunt for clues about the show’s upcoming second season.

As stated before, the experience is going to run during SXSW which is from March 9 through March 11th this year. Who knows? If it proves successful, maybe they could open up the pseudo-park for a few more days to give a few more people a chance to experience the wonders of ‘Westworld.’

To tease the attraction, HBO has also released a short video (which you can check out below), which is mainly comprised of clips from the show but does set the mood for the experience, though it is a bit anti-climactic now that the park is already sold out. Ah well, here’s hoping it is something they may open up again soon.