Genre films took the top three spots this weekend at the box office.

Animated fantasy film, ‘Rango’ starring Johnny Depp, took the top spot with $38 million. Debuting in roughly 1100 theaters less than ‘Rango’, the Philip K. Dick based ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ took in a respectable $20.9 million for second place. In third place was the Alex Pettyfer-starring ‘Beastly’. The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ update took in $10.1 million, giving Pettyfer two films in the top 10 with ‘I Am Number Four’ placing ninth with $5.7 million. Look for the actor to star in science fiction actioner ‘Now’ from director Andrew Niccol in October.

Animated film ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ grew its box office cume to $83.6 million with an additional $6.9 million for fifth place and pychological thriller ‘Unknown’ captured $6.6 million for sixth place.

In it’s second weekend, the Nicolas Cage starrer ‘Drive Angry’ fell out of the top 10 dropping to 13th with just $2.1 million and a $9.0 million gross.

The fantasy thriller ‘Black Swan’ held onto 15th place adding an additional $1 million to its domestic total box office of $105.1 million.

1. ‘Rango’    $38.0
2. ‘The Adjustment Bureau’  $20.9
3. ‘Beastly’   $10.1 
4. ‘Hall Pass’   $9.0
5. ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’  $6.9
6. ‘Unknown’    $6.6
7. ‘The King’s Speech’  $6.5
8. ‘Just Go With It’   $6.5
9. ‘I Am Number Four’  $5.7 
10. ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’ $4.3