If you’re a fan of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ as I am, you’re probably disappointed that the show’s on spring hiatus until April 7th.  But don’t worry!  We can talk about what’s been happening so far and what we think will occur while we wait.  Speculating can be so much fun!

Alright, so this is what we know so far.  Elijah, the only vampire that claimed to know how to kill Clause, is dead.  This is pretty monumental because we have two things in play right now – let’s discuss them one at a time.  The first issue is that Clause wants to sacrifice Elena to break the curse.  How will the gang protect Elena from one of the Originals?  Damon and Stefan are not strong enough, and Katherine practically cowers in fear when his name is mentioned.  Obviously Clause is extremely powerful. 

 Another important issue is that Clause apparently has a hostage. Luka’s sister is still being held captive by Clause (though we’ve never seen her, both Jonas and Luka have confirmed this).  Unfortunately the father-son team is dead.  Who’s left to rescue her now?  Before Jonas died he gave Bonnie back her powers plus the knowledge she needs to kill Clause.  Will she step up to the plate and rescue her?  We can only hope.  But will this mysterious family member of Jonas and Luka be friend or foe in the end?  When she finds out that her brother and father were both killed by Katherine and Damon, she may use whatever power she has toward revenge.  We can only wait and see how this story plays out.

Another interesting question to ponder is what will be needed to carry out this plan?  The group as a whole has sacrificed so much.  But for a spell of this nature, you’d likely think that something must occur or be given in order to take out an ancient vampire.  Unfortunately the CW is being extremely tight-lipped so we cannot even begin to get a glimpse as to what’s going to be required for that.  It does make one wonder what’s in store for the vampire brothers and their friends.

Let’s not forget that while Elijah is dead, he’s still lying in the basement of the Salvatore mansion.  Which means what exactly?  Well, all that has to happen is someone with ill-intentions coming over and removing the knife and then a very, very angry Elijah will be back with a fury hell hath never seen.  So while he’s dead for now, I wouldn’t write off never seeing him again.  His still being in the house is enough for him to make a comeback if the situation ever arose.

Is it just me or does Stefan have some serious clingy issues lately?  He’s constantly on Elena and while I understand that protecting her is of the utmost importance to him, he comes across as almost suffocating at times.  His overprotective nature is very stifling at times and it’s rare to see Elena without him hanging on her arm.  We don’t know where their relationship is headed but we need to wonder if Elena’s going to think his behavior’s a bit old after awhile or if things will be renewed between them after all the trouble they’ve endured.

Speaking of relationships, how tragic is it that things are falling apart between Jenna and Alaric?  Alaric needs to try to trust Jenna and confide in her, and yet is unable to.  Jenna wants to trust Alaric and is also unable to because she feels that she needs to know.  Johnathan successfully stirred up a hornet’s nest in that relationship but hopefully the two can resolve it.

We won’t know what’s back in store for our favorite vampires until April 7th.  In the meantime, feel free to comment below and tell us your thoughts:  What do you think will happen?  What do you want to see occur?  How can they make the story better?  Don’t be shy; join in below.