You might have heard that SyFy has a brand new MMO available for play – Battlestar Galactica.  It’s a browser-based, free-to-play, combat MMO that combines high-quality, 3D graphics with intense game play. Following a successful closed beta period that started in late 2010, the free -to-play game can now be enjoyed by players worldwide. 

I recently decided to try it.  I’m not a devoted Battlestar Galactica fan though I have seen the series and enjoyed the episodes I’ve watched.  The first thing that appealed to me is the fact that this game is browser-based.  Not having to download game content onto my computer is a refreshing and welcomed change. 

Over all, the game is quite entertaining.  The parts I really enjoyed were when I undocked and explored space around me.  It seemed quite realistic, like how I would expect space to be if I was piloting a small ship and surveying the area. The ship controls were a bit confusing at times; not so much which buttons do what but the idea that the ship can rotate and flip.  THAT was pretty awesome.  (The autopilot button really helped me in situations where I was stuck and had trouble turning around to fight varying enemies). 

For a browser-based game, I think the graphics are great.  If this was a downloadable MMO I’d say they leave much to be desired but based on the platform they really were quite decent.  The close-ups of the NPCs proved to be very well done.  Much detail was given to the ship’s crew and I was able to immerse myself in the game quite easily without thinking “Wow, this-or-that looks cartoon-ish.”

For the most part the game is well done.  But I think it’s limited by the fact that it’s a browser game.  I wonder how much more they could’ve done to it if it was in fact downloadable.  I’m thinking they probably would’ve had more options and opportunities to better the graphics and game play.  But again, if you’re looking for a good sci-fi game to play without having to download it onto your computer, look no further than Battlestar Galactica Online on Syfy.