As we creep closer to the final episode of ‘Smallville’ in May, the surprises just keep on coming.  Last night Clark and Lois were given bottles of champagne so that each could celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties (respectively).  Unfortunately no one knew that Zatanna “spiked” the bottles with a spell that allowed the inhibitions of the imbiber to come out without the memory of what happened.

Dr. Emile, Tess Oliver and Chloe drink the champagne as well and the screen goes black.  The next morning Clark wakes up in his room to find a lemur sitting near him, munching on chips.  In the closet he finds Chloe wearing a wedding dress and on his finger he finds a band.  Having no recollection of the events of the night before, both are nervous that they’ve both married each other in their drunken haze.  She finds half of a marriage certificate; it only has her name on it so it doesn’t offer any clues as to what happened.  She needs to find the other half to know for certain if she married Clark.

Next we find Lois and Oliver asleep on railroad tracks in an unsavory part of town.  Everything seems alright until Lois realizes her engagement ring is missing.  With no cell phones to call for help, the two hitch out of the area and back into the main drag of town.

Chloe and Clark find a clue that leads them to a nightclub.  When they get there they see Dr. Emile dressed as Elvis, singing his best on stage.  Tess is dancing along next to him as a backup vocalist.  Both are having what seems to be a great time until the police burst in and arrest Emile for stealing an armored vehicle.

Back at watch tower, Chloe and Clark investigate and realize those men weren’t real cops.  Tess returns with them and is upset because she feels she influenced Emile to drink.  Clark reassures her and they set out to the next location that’s connected to this mess – a casino.

In the meantime, the men that took Emile are actually members of organized crime and are trying to strong arm Emile into telling them where the armored truck went.  After showing him a surveillance video of what happened, it’s evidently clear that Clark took it as he blurred through the scene but it happened so fast that the henchmen don’t see him.  They still think Emile is responsible.

As Clark and Chloe arrive at the casino; little do they know that Oliver and Lois are already there.  Having found a business card in the inside of her dress, Lois is trying to find out what happened to her engagement ring.  While there the boss informs them (with a good amount of hostility) that she gambled her ring and lost.  The two are subsequently tied together in the back room but break free.  With no other escape plan in place, Lois and Oliver dress in costume and come out with the other dancing girls on stage.

A fight ensues and Chloe, Lois and Oliver overpower the henchmen.  Clark hears Emile being tortured and comes to his rescue.  Lois gets her ring back and the group finds their way back to headquarters.

Before Chloe and Clark return she tells him that she doesn’t want to be the ghost behind Watchtower anymore and that she’ll be leaving again to encourage other heroes to reach their full potential.  Clark is sad but is understanding toward her wishes.

Once there they reluctantly decide to watch the footage of that night.  The footage itself is the perfect reason to catch the episode if you haven’t already.  It’s hilarious!  We see Clark showing off his powers and hiding an armored car in his barn.  Oliver insults Clark’s ring; Chloe gets giddy over a lemur, and Emile and Tess “get it on” while the camera catches it all. 

As Chloe tries to slip away, Oliver catches her.  She tries to justify her actions but he shows her something she never expected – the second half of the marriage certificate that has his name listed.  As husband and wife, they embrace and he tells her that wherever she goes, he’ll follow.

In next week’s episode entitled “Scion,” Lionel and Tess go head to head in a battle for the Luthor name. Clark and Lois are stunned by Tess’ latest present to them.