Alex Pettyfer, the star of upcoming science fiction films such as ‘I Am Number Four’ and ‘Now’, has been ruffling the feathers of some Hollywood studio executives.

The 20-year-old British actor has insiders claiming he has a reputation for being difficult and demanding. Apparently on the set of ‘I Am Number Four’ DreamWorks executives had to intervene because of the growing tension between the actor and director D.J. Caruso. He is also alleged to have demanded to renegotiate his salary on the film when he found out another actor had a higher paycheck.

He also recently switched agents after the DreamWorks standoff to Thor Bradwell. Bradwell represents ‘Twilight’ megastar Taylor Lautner.

There are also reports of Pettyfer failing to show for a meeting with studio executives from CBS Films. CBS Films is the company behind ‘Beastly’ which also stars Pettyfer.

‘I Am Number Four’ hits theaters on February 18. ‘Beastly’ will debut in March and the much anticipated science fiction film ‘Now’ will be released in October.