Great news for ‘Transformers: Prime’ fans – in a private screening of the ‘Transformers: Prime’ season premiere, Hub network representatives confirmed that a second season of ‘Transformers: Prime’ is in production. The second season is currently set for another 26 episodes to follow the first season.

Another season of action-packed episodes filled with epic battles between the Autobots and Decepticons is sure to delight devoted fans. In the meantime ‘Transformers: Prime’ is finishing out the rebroadcast of the miniseries that The Hub ran back in November in preparation for the remaining twenty-one episodes that are already completed. With the series doing as well as it has been for the network, it’s nice to see they’re being rewarded with yet another season.

New episodes of ‘Transformers: Prime’ are set to premiere on February 11, 2011 continuing with its sixth episode, “Masters and Students.”