The much anticipated midseason premiere of ‘Supernatural’ aired last night in its regularly scheduled time slot. If you happened to be unlucky enough to miss it, we have the whole recap right here! Be warned that there are spoilers up ahead, so keep reading only if you don’t like surprises.

After Death gives Sam back his soul, Bobby and Dean anxiously await for him to wake up to see how he will behave. Castiel checks him to ensure it’s in place and voices his concern to Dean, indicating it was in essence a cruel decision.

Meanwhile, Bobby gives Dean a job that involves virgins being kidnapped while still harboring resentment against Sam for trying to kill him. Sam wakes up and believes he’d just been released from hell when in essence he had been walking around for 18 months. Privately, Dean tells Bobby not to tell Sam anything about what had transpired to keep him from trying to remember since doing so could be dangerous. It could cause the breaking of the “wall” Death put in place to protect Sam’s psyche from the damage hell did to his soul.

Sam and Dean investigate the case of the missing virgins and are able to determine that dragons are behind it. Needing a special sword forged of dragon’s blood, Dean pays a visit to a doctor friend of Bobby’s who shows him a sword magically encased in stone. He’s unable to remove it and decides to use explosives to shatter the rock.

As this transpires, Castiel and Sam catch up and Cass accidentally “spills the beans” about Sam’s soulless walk on earth for the past year and a half and some of the activities he had been up to during this time. Saddened by this news, he is determined to make things right with Dean and Bobby.

A broken sword in hand (Dean’s sword removal process didn’t go as he would have liked it to), the boys venture underground in the sewer system where they find a pile of gold jewelry and a cage filled with virgins. Two dragons appear, and Sam slays one while the other escapes. The girls are released.

Afterward a touching moment ensues when Sam expresses his sincere remorse to Dean for what his big brother had to endure while he was without his soul.

Stay tuned next week for “Unforgiven,” the newest episode of ‘Supernatural’ to air on February 11th. Sam starts to have flashbacks to a case he worked on with Samuel before he reconnected with Dean. Sam receives a mysterious text with coordinates to a small town, so the brothers decide to investigate. Dean is surprised when the townspeople start telling him some of the things Sam did while he lived there.