Science fiction fans have seen countless hackers consistently use their talents in many of their favorite television shows and movies.  Now there’s a reality show that’s dedicated to showcasing their highly specialized skills. 

LIGATT Security International employees have agreed to their own reality show based in the Atlanta and Los Angles offices. LIGATT is a premiere cyber security company about to venture into making the first Cyber Security Company reality show in the history of television. 

CEO Gregory Evans will not be the main focus of the weekly series; but he will share the spotlight with his team of hackers, his PR and Marketing team, vendors, customers, some of his legal team and office management who help him run his businesses.

“My office has more excitement than you could ever imagine,” says Evans. “In this day and age of reality show mania, it is not about the 15 minutes of fame, it’s more about being able to build your brand and get paid for it. Our audience will be able to view our products from the developmental stages, to shipping to the retail stores, to the customers’ satisfaction of our products.”

Although LIGATT Security employees have talked about a reality show for years, it did not become a reality until June of last year after Evans released his latest book, “How to Become the World’s No. 1 Hacker.” Having provoked a large amount of negative comments by people who have never read the book, the company was contacted by a Hollywood figure. This controversy is what led to the establishment of a website called “The Cyber Wars.” The site was created to display not only Gregory Evans’ side, but also give the bashers a chance to explain theirs.

Cameras will begin rolling in March of this year and an announcement will be made shortly from the currently unannounced network.