Making its debut, ‘The Rite’ starring Anthony Hopkins (‘The Wolfman’, ‘The Silence of the Lambs’), took the weekend box office top spot with $15 million. The $37 million budgeted supernatural thriller, which also stars Rutger Hauer (‘Blade Runner’, ‘Batman Begins’), opened in 2985 theaters.

In it’s third weekend, ‘The Green Hornet’ slipped to 4th place but continued to increase its domestic box office. With an $11.5 million weekend take, it should cross the $80 million mark this week.

Fantasy thriller ‘Black Swan’ continues to add to its box office gross crossing the $90 million mark with an additional $5.1 million.

Marking its first weekend outside the top 10, ‘Tron: Legacy’ grossed an additional $2.5 million bringing its total domestic gross to $166.7 million.

1. ‘The Rite’ $15.0
2. ‘No Strings Attached’ $13.6
3. ‘The Mechanic’ $11.5
4. ‘The Green Hornet’ $11.5
5. ‘The King’s Speech’ $11.1
6. ‘True Grit’ $7.6
7. ‘The Dilemma’ $5.4
8. ‘Black Swan’ $5.1
9. ‘The Fighter’ $4.0
10. ‘Yogi Bear’ $3.1