For the first time ever, Trion Worlds Inc. and Syfy are collaborating to develop a new science-fiction franchise to be simultaneously launched as a global television program on Syfy and a massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (Syfy Action MMO) from Trion.

This collaboration is the first of its kind and is introducing a new wave of game play to science fiction lovers.  Syfy and Trion Worlds have been working together from the beginning to design the storyline, characters, and lore of the new franchise.  The game and show are intertwined and will influence and depend on each other.  Also, they will evolve together based on the actions of their shared community.

Players of Trion’s Syfy Action MMO will explore a living, persistent world with ultra-high quality visuals. The game will be a 3rd-person action-shooter with visceral gun play, providing a more intense gaming experience than standard MMORPGs.

The game and show are simultaneously under development, and both will be announced and launch at the same time. It appears that this will be an action focused MMO and Trion is calling it their most groundbreaking game. What is really interesting is that the universes of the show and the game will be shared, so that when something happens in the show, it will happen in the game and vice versa. Again, it’s Trion’s cloud computing approach to the MMO that makes this possible.

This project goes by the mysterious-sounding title of One EarthOne Earth has received financial backing from several sources including Peacock Equity, a global fund from NBC Universal and GE.

Rob Hill, the senior producer for Trion, has been quoted as saying, “This project, in collaboration with Syfy, in and of itself, is completely different from anything I’ve worked on. Usually you have a game that’s based off of a book or television show or movie, or a movie that’s based off a game.  Some of the implications of what we are trying to accomplish here are to really be able to broaden the audience” (by bringing viewers from the show into the game and vice versa).

Lars Butler, CEO of Trion Worlds, has said, “In this unique set-up, we can do things that other people would never even dare before: create a video game world and a television show.  They not only promote each other, they literally depend on each other and co-evolve.”

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