With ‘Supernatural’ fever burning hot here in the United States, more and more interest for the show is sparking in other parts of the world. Introducing, ‘Supernatural: The Animation’.  For the first time ever the Winchester boys are animated, and the tales of their demon-chasing days will be available for viewing in Japan starting next year.

I speak very little Japanese but after watching the trailer it seems clear that they’re starting off with season 1 and following the original story line closely as it progresses.  As you view the trailer you’ll see the infamous Impala in action and various famous scenes from their lives, like the yellow-eyed demon found hovering over Sam’s crib when he was a baby.  In addition, fresh storylines will also be introduced to help capture the interest of both new and faithful Supernatural fans alike. 

This newest animation series is being produced by Madhouse and contains 22 episodes plus exclusive interviews with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  ‘Supernatural: The Animation’ will be released in three volumes, the first being presented on February 23, 2011.  It will be available on both DVD and Blu-ray in Japan. 

Here’s to hoping that Madhouse makes a dubbed version (or at least a subtitled one) available for English-speaking ‘Supernatural’ fans in the future. This new series shows great promise and is sure to be a hit with both ‘Supernatural’ and anime fans alike.