• ‘Dexter’ Is Over And The Current And Previous Showrunnners Talk About Its Finale

    Posted Saturday, September 28th, 2013 09:00 am GMT -4

    Fans of ‘Dexter‘ are saddened that their favorite show has ended and many are also angry with exactly how it came to a close. While we know the universe of ‘Dexter’ isn’t over with a spin-off in the works, there is still a lot of talk about what happened in the last episode. I warn […]

  • ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Can Send Shivers Up My Spine Anytime

    Posted Friday, September 27th, 2013 08:08 pm GMT -4

    Hell hath no fury like a lady with a book o’ spells. Or a voodoo doll. Or is half of a snake. Or belongs to a gang of witches, otherwise known as a coven. ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ has released some new photos, main title sequence, and has been KILLING it with the promo spots […]

  • Happy Amellsday! (That’s Wednesday This Fall On The CW)

    Posted Friday, September 27th, 2013 06:00 pm GMT -4

    Stephen Amell already stars as Oliver Queen on The CW’s hit ‘Arrow.’  Now his cousin, Robbie is set to headline the new show ‘The Tomorrow People’ which will be airing after ‘Arrow’ on Wednesdays this fall, beginning on October 9th.  Taking advantage of the familial connection, the network has released a new promo featuring the […]

  • Infographic Crowns Tyrion Lannister King Of Westeros In ‘Game of Thrones’

    Posted Friday, September 27th, 2013 03:03 pm GMT -4

    Fans of George R.R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ tend to constantly dispute amongst themselves over who will end up sitting on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing when all is said and done. Will Joffrey Baratheon remain the king? Are Jon Snow or one of the remaining Starks plotting sweet revenge? And what about Daenerys […]

  • Alanna Masterson Joins ‘The Walking Dead’ In An Unspecified Role

    Posted Friday, September 27th, 2013 11:00 am GMT -4

    As the season premier of ‘The Walking Dead’ creeps closer, more and more new cast members are being announced pretty regularly.  ‘Phineas and Ferb‘ voice actor Vincent Martella will play another kid around Carl’s age, while ‘Twilight’s’ Christian Serratos will play a former prostitute.  Now actress Alanna Masterson has been hired to play an undisclosed […]

  • Jim Steranko Not A Fan Of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

    Posted Friday, September 27th, 2013 10:00 am GMT -4

    Earlier this week, Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ premiered on ABC to generally positive reviews, including one from us. Elsewhere on the web, I’ve been seeing a ton of fairly lukewarm reactions to the show, but no one has slammed it as hard as comic book legend Jim Steranko. The man known for his work with […]

  • What Comics Could Inspire ‘Gotham’?

    Posted Friday, September 27th, 2013 09:00 am GMT -4

    A few days ago, Fox announced it had ordered a full season of a show called ‘Gotham’ and that would be based on the early years in the career of James Gordon, the man who would eventually be elected Commissioner of the Gotham City police force, a force that it should be noted, is riddled […]

  • Guillermo Del Toro To Direct ‘The Simpsons’ Halloween Episode Couch Opening

    Posted Thursday, September 26th, 2013 03:00 pm GMT -4

    You would think with everything on his plate right now that Guillermo del Toro (‘Pacific Rim‘) wouldn’t have time to add anything else into his directing queue for the next few years. However, it looks like he’s making an exception for everyone’s favorite set of yellow cartoon characters that refuse to age. That’s right, Guillermo […]

  • ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Debut Wasn’t As Stealthy As It’s Team Members

    Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 09:00 pm GMT -4

    Unlike how it’s team members try to roll, the premiere of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ didn’t go unnoticed by the general populace. Which is good because if the numbers continue that means we’re going to be able to watch them help save the Marvel Universe for years to come. The television event that Marvel fans have […]

  • ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ Sequel Moving Slowly, But Moving!

    Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 07:00 pm GMT -4

    Last year, Joss Whedon said that he would be working on a sequel to his sensational internet musical ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ in the summer. However, things got shifted around once ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ got greenlit and they entered fully into production. But despite working on the new show on ABC, ‘The Avengers: Age of […]

  • Fox Is Developing A ‘Gotham’ TV Show

    Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 05:27 pm GMT -4

    Fox may be looking to cash in on the success of super hero movies by developing a comic book-based TV series.  ‘The Mentalist’ creator Bruno Heller has made a deal to produce ‘Gotham’ a show that would explore the early days of James Gordon, the man that would eventually become known as Commissioner of the […]

  • TV Review: ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

    Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 03:00 pm GMT -4

    After a long year of anxiously waiting, the world finally laid their eyes on Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ on ABC last night. The first live action television show to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw the return of Agent Phil Coulson after the events of ‘The Avengers’ where we all thought that he […]

  • The Second Season Of ‘Revolution’ Will Switch Gears On Plots And Attitudes

    Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 01:59 pm GMT -4

    The major motivating factor of the first season of ‘Revolution’ all revolved around the lack of energy and the ability to turn it back on. Now that some of the power is back, expect a change to the series. This second season is going to almost completely change gears and remove an energy source from the […]

  • Shannon Lucio To Romance Castiel On ‘Supernatural’

    Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 11:00 am GMT -4

    ‘The O.C.’ alum Shannon Lucio will be joining the cast of The CW’s hit ‘Supernatural‘ as the love interest of fallen angel-turned human Castiel, whose last romantic interest was the demon Meg, who was killed by the series’ main bad guy Crowley.  Lucio’s character, April Kelly will pop up in the show’s third episode of […]

  • ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Teases Fourth Season

    Posted Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 08:00 pm GMT -4

    The majority of the ‘Game of Thrones‘ cast is hard at work in Northern Ireland, where the show is filmed, but at least one cast member was able to get away.  Kit Harington, who plays virtuous Jon Snow hit the red carpet for the Emmys on Sunday night and spilled a little on the upcoming […]