John Knoll Shares How Jyn Erso Was Named For ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

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When John Knoll pitched ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘ to Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy, he had quite a personal reason to end up naming the lead female character Jyn Erso. The name itself sounds like one that would be fitting for the world of Star Wars which takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away though inspiration came from much closer to home on this one.

So where did Jyn come from you might ask?

“I wanted a really strong, smart, and active female character as the lead of this movie. I have three daughters, and they were all growing up, and they were all young when I was working on the prequels. I felt like Star Wars could really use another good strong smart and decisive female character.”

My youngest daughter is Jane, and my wife is Jen, so [Jyn] is sort of mashup of them. And growing up my aunt was Aunt Ginny, [short] for Virginia, so there’s a little bit of that, too. It’s a mix up of a lot of my favorite women in my life.

Previous thoughts had Jyn Erso to actually be named after Jane Eyre as they were both orphaned and grew to both inspire and empower women.

They ran the theories by both director Gareth Edwards and Kennedy prior to speaking with Knoll on Jyn and a few other names from leads in the film which you can watch in the video below:

It’s a fun watch and for those who love to know where names from in films, many of them are inspired by others though some were just creatively done. They all had to be run through a gauntlet of tests from the creative staff to the legal team.

Did you think that Jyn Erso was named after Jane Eyre or from something else completely? Share your thoughts below!

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  • MM237

    No they can’t do anything original so they ripped off Dark Forces. Jan Ors is the character. And DF is what the movie should have been.

    • TrueTanker

      I agree with you. The similarities are way too many for it to be mere coincidence.

  • ARAlberts

    Actually, this seems to be too much like “Jan Ors.”

    Jyn Orso. Jan Ors.

    Not to mention that the story of “Rogue One” is a rip off of Dark Forces as well as book 3 of the Han Solo Trilogy “Rebel Dawn.” From what I heard, the Death Star’s designer from this “movie” added the exhaust port deliberately, whereas Bevel Lemelisk did *not* foresee the exhaust port being exploited. In “The Essential Guide to Warfare,” General Dodonna lamented at not only at the lack of capital ships at his disposal, but how impenetrable the defenses were against such ships that fighters were the only choice of attack. And nearly all but a handful of those fighters were destroyed in the battle too.

  • ed


    “Mara Jade” of the Expanded Universe IS just a ripoff of MARVEL Comics’ “Shira Brie”.

    Uh, a redhead ex-Imperial love interest for Luke Skywalker (that’s not his sister)?

    Nu-STAR WARS fans who came after those post-1977 comics can’t fathom the sheer EU theft of this character for the new “official”, LFL-approved SW Canon…. but those who were into the SW mythology BACK THEN can see how the character of Mara Jade is a fiction reverse-engineering of a character that was created first for a comicbook.

    (Later adding of the character into the revised EU continuity is a testament to Brie’s impact on Luke. Of course, the newer EU Jade didn’t like her; and of course, LFL also “officially” folded the comics’ green rabbit into the EU, too.)

    Continuity instant karma that the Expanded Universe is now being erased by the new owners— LFL did the SAME THING to the MARVEL Comics concepts decades before!

    /SW old school nerd

    • River Of Blacklights

      I agree that those characters share similarities but, to say that Jade is a ripoff of Brie? No. Those characters might have similarities but, they were fleshed out to be completely different within the EU. One became the future wife to Skywalker and mother to his only child, the other became one of the coolest and most underrated female villains/Sith in the EU.

      By your logic, would Callista Ming be a ripoff of both Brie and Jade? No, just another character with some similarity but, fleshed out to be a completely different character. If you want a definitive example of a COMPLETE and TOTAL ripoff character look no further than Di$ney’s Kylo-Ren. Compare his character and backstory to the EU’s Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus and you will see that Di$ney was too lazy to even change him up enough to be an “original” character.

      Last, having similarities within some characters is most definitely NOT the same thing as invalidating the ENTIRE EU which was the official history and lore of the SW universe for nearly 40 yrs.. Not by a longshot…

      /Longtime, hardcore SW and SWEU fan

      • ed

        Right. Sure was funny when “official” continuity just happened to take a female redhead Imperial double-agent as a love interest for Luke.

        Sure they “expanded” her, changing some details to avoid outright intellectual theft— fictionally change some bevels here, story data encryption on a spinning platter there, narratively vary the size of the magnetic tape just so— and the EU reversed-engineered “Shira Brie” into “Mara Jade”. It must’ve been easy for LFL to allow the writers it hired to takeover and change what had been created for comicsbooks at 22 page monthly increments… into their sanctioned SW mythology of interconnected novels, comicbooks and rpg games. It’s amazing what other writers can come up given more paragraphs to tell their stories with— especially when the conceptual groundwork was ALREADY laid out for you before!

        (Well at least “Mara” didn’t turn into a lightsaber-whipping cyborg.)

        Thanks for telling me what sort of SW fan you are, Blacklight, “longtime” and “hardcore”, EU defender. Tells me enough— are you cool with feral teddy bears defeating a legion of the Emperor’s best troops? How about them ‘Special Additions’ of the Original Trilogy? Or the Prequels’ Little Orphan Ani too?

        • River Of Blacklights

          Like I said, it’s called “variety”. By your logic Brie is a ripoff of Vader then, right? Every Jedi is a ripoff of Kenobi, since he was the first fans were introduced to, right? Bollux and Blue Max were just ripoffs of 3PO and R2, right? Etc. Etc.., right?

          The fact that you’re now running off in different directions like a headless chicken and bringing up things that have NOTHING to do with the discussion at hand (the Battle of Endor, Special Editions and Prequel Anakin?), all while “conveniently” ignoring things I specifically pointed out, speaks volumes about you…. “ed”. Rage on… LOL.

          • ed

            The fact that YOU babbled-on about defending ” Mara Jade” with your EU-defending arguments AFTER I reminded the fact that “Jyn Erso” from “Jan Ors” is just the new version of LFL ripping off “Shira Brie”… tells me enough, Blacklight. Yeah, I know what kind of SW fan YOU are.

            Can’t wait for the new DISNEY owners decree LucasFilm, Ltd to make redhead, ex-Imperial agent, Luke Skywalker lover EU “Mara Jade” into the new SW mythology “Shyra Camembert” for their new interconnected books. Just like EU rebel who stole the Death Star plans “Jan Ors” being changed into “Jyn Erso” for ROGUE ONE— only now, it’ll be back to the ORIGINAL redhead, ex-Imperial agent, Luke Skywalker lover. Ripping off “Mara Jade” this way would be sweet: the fictional circle will be complete (and some 30+ years in coming)…

            Continuity karma for the EU being mined and erased this way.