For The Love Of Prequels: ‘Star Wars 8′ Director Rian Johnson Defends George Lucas’s Prequels

Posted Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 12:00 pm GMT -4 by


Apparently, Rian Johnson enjoys a little internet controversy, because the man who is directing ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ just made a post on Twitter in which it seems like he is defending the much maligned ‘Star Wars’ prequels, which is sure to earn him some hatred by the hard core fan boys.

The prequels, as most remember, were George Lucas’s attempt to appeal to a new generation of ‘Star Wars’ fans, but due to his poor writing and direction, and over-reliance on VFX and green screens (and poor casting decisions which led to some terrible acting), they were hugely criticized and seen as a huge let-down, and only the massive love for the original trilogy kept ‘Star Wars’ alive past the blunders that were the 3 prequel movies. However, Rian Johnson, potentially just playing Devil’s Advocate to be fair, posted the following on Twitter:

And he does have a point, in theory. And in theory, I agree with him, the idea behind the prequels, that fear can lead one to become evil, that fear can drive one down dark paths, is fascinating, and telling it all as a series of movies geared toward children, was an interesting idea as well, because it could have worked as a kind of modern day dark fairy tale warning kids about clinging too closely to those they love and the dangers of letting the ends (trying to save everyone you love) justify the means (using dark powers and anything possible to save those you love).

However, as pointed out above, it was George Lucas’s execution that is really what people have a problem with in the prequels, and while it is admirable for Johnson to be defending the good parts of the prequels, I cannot help but feel sorry for the man for bringing on a world of fan abuse onto himself now, as people are not going to let that comment go without “informing” him of their opinions. Let’s just hope that he is not hedging his bets and defending George Lucas’s prequels in the hopes that one day people won’t be that harsh with ‘Episode VIII.’ Although to be fair, I have heard only good things about the latest edition to the saga under his direction.

  • River Of Blacklights

    It’s funny how so many out there who call themselves Star Wars “fans” really up hating 90-95% of what they claim to “love” so much. Most of those so-called “fans” hate the Prequel trilogy, hate the Expanded Universe (even though most never read the novels or comics), hated the animated shows, hated the TV films and even admit (after some prodding) to not really liking the Original Trilogy THAT much, except for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’…. ???? Still, they call themselves “fans” simply cause they mindlessly flock to whatever Di$ney/Kennedyfilm shovel down their throats just cause it’s “shiny & new!” while shunning what Lucas, the CREATOR of SW offered them… “Fans”? Tch… Could’ve fooled me…

    • MM237

      Yes. The EU should still be going on.

      • River Of Blacklights

        I agree 100% but unfortunately, the more and more time passes by, the less likely they are to re-continue the classic EU, even as an alternate timeline under the ‘LEGENDS’ banner. The more $$$$ they make off their new films, the more they feel justified in having gotten rid of the EU (even if it’s OBVIOUS now that they got rid of it just to plagiarize ideas and characters from it. To lazily copy, change slightly and paste those elements onto their “new” material, without ever giving credit to those authors who CAME UP with those ideas and characters in the first place).

    • Reggie Skive

      You can be a true “fan” without having to blindly like everything to do with a subject. You may have loved the prequels, good for you. I loved the original EU, the Original Trilogy, and all of the SW TV shows to this point, and have only disliked the prequels, and I am not going to defend the prequels just so I can keep on calling myself a fan according to your definition of what a fan is.

    • Edible Liquid

      not a big fan of george lucas himself but the prequel trilogy, although some parts of it were slow and boring, brings a huge quantity of world building and makes it feel like we’re in a “new world” with a new story, whereas episode 7 makes us feel like we’re seeing episode 4 again but without the novelty, and somehow episodes 4-6 must have never happened because the bad guys we defeated once are still around and the situation is still pretty much the same.

      • River Of Blacklights

        Exactly, Ep. 7 renders the iconic ending seen in Ep. 6 to being irrelevant and pointless because, with the events seen in 7, we realize the entire 6 film saga (1-6) was all for nothing. All the sacrifices made, challenges that were overcome and lives lost were absolutely meaningless cause according to Di$ney, NOTHING changed and yet so many Pro-Di$ney War$ fans “conveniently” fail to see that. Not to mention, they fail to give a logical and proper explanation of why things didn’t change other than “just because Mickey said so”. People feel like they are watching Ep. 4 when they see Ep. 7 because it IS a poor man’s copy of Ep. 4. Even Abrams quietly admitted to that but, Di$ney/Kennedyfilm thought they would be “clever” and rip off key elements of the EU ‘Legacy Of The Force’ novels, change them up a bit, sprinkle them on top and THEN call it all “new & original!”, thinking no one would recognize those stolen elements. Wrong, hardcore fans saw them immediately but of course, Di$ney/KF didn’t care cause they got what they wanted, which was millions+ in their pockets from all the casual fans and fanboys who flocked to see their “new & original’ (lol) film.

  • adrian hunter

    is no one editing this website? doubled paragraphs? lost sentences?