Recently, the Science and Entertainment Exchange, along with Marvel Studios and The Great Company put on a truly amazing event called the ‘The Science of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ which highlighted how some of the more fantastic elements of the MCU could actually work. At the events, real scientists discussed how some of the pseudoscience and superpowers of the MCU could potentially work, and how close we are to accomplishing some of the scientific discoveries fictional characters in the MCU have made. In the words of Marvel Studios producer Stephen Broussard:

“Marvel is science fiction in a lot of ways. It’s always helped to have one foot in the fantastical and all the exciting things that can’t really happen in the world, and one foot in real science.”

‘Doctor Strange’ writer Jon Spaihts elaborates by saying:

“There are sort of two angles of attack that you can get into when you, as a creative or a writer, are working with consulting scientists. One is the blue sky period, where you’re not sure what your story is yet and you just want to look for interesting gaps out of which mysteries might emerge.”

And it seems the event has been particularly engaging for those working in the MCU, especially for writer and actress Felicia Day, who stated:

“What I loved in my experiences with the Exchange is that they really open the minds of the writers in way that makes them say, ‘Oh this a possibility,” like Swarm Theory, or Chaos Theory, and vice versa, and just seeing the creative people rub off on the scientists too.”

Check out the highlights of the events for yourself in the video below, and then share your thoughts about how close we might be to seeing some of the amazing creations and powers in the MCU in reality in the comments below!