The Doctor Is In: Netflix Casts Parker Posey As Dr. Smith In ‘Lost In Space’ Series Remake

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For those eagerly awaiting any news about Neflix’s ‘Lost in Space’ remake, we have a juicy new piece of casting news! It seems they have cast 90s indie movie darling Parker Posey in a major role in the series, as she will be playing the villainous Dr. Smith. For those unaware of the who exactly the character is, in the original 1960′s version of the show, Dr. Smith is the man responsible for sabotaging the family’s mission to space, as he was aboard their ship, the Jupiter 2, when it takes flight, and he set them off course and gets them, “lost in space”. And then in the main part of the series, Dr. Smith is a kind of a foil for Dr. Robinson, a mischievous man stuck with the family who is always getting into nefarious situations and sets many of the plots of the show in motion.

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Photo credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /

And yes, I did not type that wrong, Dr. Smith in the original was a man, which makes casting Parker Posey in the role even more interesting, as gender swapping of any kind in a movie or TV show can raise some eyebrows, but in this case I do not really think it will matter all that much. There was not anything about the character demanding that the doctor be a male, and I could definitely see Posey playing an excellent version of the character, and it kind of makes me excited to know that Netflix is casting the best possible talent for the show, and is not limiting itself to the original vision of the characters from the TV show or the poorly received 90′s film, where Gary Oldman played Dr. Smith.

What do you think of the news of Parker Posey playing Dr. Smith? Do you think she is right for the role? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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  • britain

    Oh boy…more Hollywood fail.

  • Rick Tobin

    Well theres a reason not to watch this, not because she is in it, but because she is playing Dr Smith. That part needs to be played by a man pure and simple……

  • Mark Atkins

    They will never allow a woman to be portrayed as the complete doofus that Dr. Smith was in the original series. Because it’s a woman, they’ll have to make the character smarter, less chicken, probably a better fighter, etc. So, it really won’t be Dr. Smith.

    • Berry Good

      & vulnerable to rape.

      • Andy Daly

        Believe it or not, Dr. Smith in the original was vulnerable to rape. I think the Green Woman had him under a spell

    • MadDog1

      Exactly. Jonathan Harris could get away with being a villainous, doofus because he was a great actor. They don’t even mention his name in this article.

  • Mike Meister

    Stole a page from Battlestar Galactica where the re-make cast a female as Starbuck. It worked, but changed the whole tone of the series.
    Imagine, Star Trek: Voyager – with a male-version of Captain Janeway. Again, changes the whole tone of the series.

  • Berry Good

    How tragic.
    Fans wait years/decades to have classic show return,..only to have the stupid studio execs change the formulas that made the shows winners in the 1st place!

  • Andy Daly

    I think it really depends on what tone they set for the series. The original wavered between serious scifi and cartoon adventure. And Dr. Smith was sometimes sinister, sometimes buffoon, sometimes hysterically funny. It will all depend on the chemistry between her and the actors playing Will and The Robot.

  • Lizmay

    Is Robbie a female? If the show is all about diversity and political correctness …yawn and see ya.

  • MadDog1

    How about showing some respect for the late and great Jonathan Harris, the original Dr. Smith. At least mention his name in the article and give the man the credit he deserves for creating a memorable character.

  • Michael Sessums

    I love Parker Posey, but I’m tired of gender swapping roles in remakes. She could have been a kick-ass Judy. If execs want to mess with the formula, it’s time to just come up with something original for a change. ORIGINAL. Like a something new.

    • TeaRunner

      I don’t know. With a good effects budget and decent writing it could be good. Turning Starbuck into a woman in the Battle Star Galactica remake made it better.

  • JPH

    Another remake? Another bomb…

  • lindamo27

    I’d like to see this “reboot” made in the future. Maybe where the family did return home, but due to Dr. Smith’s interference with the expedition they are going to have to return to space. Now they original family members of course would be a bit too old (of course this would have to play back maybe 15 yrs later since space technology has grown so much) they kids return maybe with a couple of their own and Dr. Smith had a granddaughter who because of her love for him and thinking he was not given his just due when they picked those to go on the mission she is going to do what he tried. She will probably be the daughter of Dr. Smith’s daughter and they could even change her name if she had kept the Smith name only later in the series to find out who she really is. The robot of course would also need to revamped but I would love to see it keep its original compassion it seemed to have especially with young Will Smith. I don’t know making it actually a remake, but by advancing some technology, visiting other places and finding even more civilizations that it might possibly work. I believe there are a couple of the original cast members still in the business and maybe in the beginning they could be used to introduce the new cast as to who they are, what they are about, etc. By going ahead a few years in their mission may give it at least a chance. Look at the Star Trek series, they didn’t re-invent the cast they got a new one, their missions were the same just new characters and story lines, yet the same genre. Just a thought.

  • Brogan760

    So, they’re messing with the genders. No surprise. No thanks.

  • Chara’s Dad

    I’ll have to hear her say “The pain … the pain!” to be able to form an opinion.

  • Slobberknocker

    This does not compute

  • ed

    STAR TREK’s better.


    Dr. Smith’s Parker Posey in the reboot of the series? Let’s see her take on it. Don’t think the Robinson clan is gonna be headed by a same-sex couple… or have adopted pan-racial siblings… or have the red-haired one played by a transgender. Yeah, Trump’s America ain’t gonna be accepting THOSE.

    Is “Joey” still gonna be in the cast, though?