SPOILER ALERT! This article discusses the current sixth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ so if you are not up to speed, you may wish to turn back.  There are also references to the comic books, but those come later and I will give a separate warning for those.

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on ‘The Walking Dead’, probably knew that her sleek new pixie cut would be a jaw-dropper, but could she have suspected the frenzied reaction that fans of the show would have?

Friday night, Cohan stepped out at the Z100’s 2015 Jingle Ball in New York City.  And she quickly sent ‘Walking Dead’ fans flocking to Twitter to express concern about the show’s events when they spied Cohan rocking her new short hair.

When fans last saw her in the midseason finale, her wavy hair was to her shoulders.

‘The Walking Dead’ won’t return until February 14, 2016.  It’s unclear how much, if any of the second half of the season has been shot, but the past few episodes have all taken place within just a couple of days.  Won’t Cohan need to look exactly the same when she resumes shooting?  Or has she already shot all her scenes?  Does this mean Maggie dies in an upcoming episode?!

Here are some fan reactions and speculations:



We know Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as villain Negan, who was introduced in the #100 issue of the comic and his first act of violence was… killing Glenn.  This was shortly after Glenn learned that Maggie was pregnant.  If the show deviates from the comic, as it often does, that most likely means that when Negan appears, someone else will be killed off.

And one possibility is pregnant Maggie!  Since Glenn was “pretend” killed off already this season, the odds of him actually dying are pretty slim.  If they aren’t going to kill off Glenn, why not his wife?  Killing Maggie would probably pack the same emotional punch as killing Glenn, both for the characters and viewers.

And as harsh as it may sound, if Maggie lives and gives birth, that means the cast will be saddled with two crying babies.  One was bad enough!  But if Maggie dies before having the baby, that solves that problem.

Then again, one thing that should be pointed out is that in the comics, Maggie actually has short hair.  Cohan’s new look could actually be an attempt to bring her onscreen appearance more in line with the source material.

And let’s not forget that ‘The Walking Dead’ is widely praised for its makeup effects.  I think they can fit some wigs or hair extensions into the wardrobe budget if necessary.

Does Cohan’s new hairstyle mean doom for her character?  Or is there simply a haircut in store for Maggie in an upcoming episode?  What do you think?

Source: Just Jared