Orson Scott Card Won’t Make Any Money From The ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie

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In a startling discovery, after the constant controversy surrounding the film version of ‘Ender’s Game’ and the writer of the novel on which it was based, it turns out that your cash dollars will not be lining Orson Scott Card’s pockets after all.  It seems that Card sold the rights to the movie and was paid up front many years ago.  He did not actually write the screenplay and he doesn’t have a back-end deal regarding the film, so no matter what it makes, Card won’t see another dime from it.

The conflict among fans, is the fact that Card has, in the past fought to prevent gays and lesbians from having equal rights.  He has served on a board of a group that has lobbied politically and financially to deny these rights.  So of course, many with opposing views have struggled with whether or not to support his work, with one group, Geeks Out, pushing for a boycott of the film.

Lionsgate has had an uphill battle in trying to market the movie and to distance itself from his beliefs.  The studio even agreed to donate proceeds from the opening night premier event to LGBT charities.

At one point, Card issued a “slap in the face” apology where he essentially tried to make himself the victim of intolerance.  But considering how controversial this whole issue has been, why didn’t anyone before now simply state that Card wouldn’t benefit from the film’s success.  You’d think with as much of a struggle  Lionsgate has had trying to distance itself, that would have been one of the first things they made clear.  You’d think Card himself might have mentioned it.

One area where Card does still benefit, though is from the sales of his books.  With the movie coming out, ‘Ender’s Game’ has climbed to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List.  So if you’re a concerned fan, that’s one area to consider.

Unfortunately, the early reviews are all over the place.  Some critics absolutely love it, but others seem less enthusiastic.  As of right now, it’s sitting at 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is at least better than average.

So how does that make you feel?  Are you more or less likely to go see the movie now?

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  • Rey Mystery

    Card is still a co-producer on the film. He will still get income from that position as the film produces income. Those are standard, and not considered extra back-end deals. The wording has been so shaky because they are trying not to disclose this and still appeal to angry boycotters.

    • EnigmaMaitreya

      And you have access to the Contracts that show Card does receive money OR in the end, is this just …. well your opinion being expressed to do nothing more than at best muddy the waters as much as possible or at worst to actively encourage others to boycott a movie that has Guaranteed donations to LGBT charities.

      • Oof

        You think he might be an unpaid producer?

        • EnigmaMaitreya

          I think this subject may in fact be better dealt with by verifiable information vs anonymous posters being clever/creative when posting, what they claim are facts.

          To be clear, I do not gain say your right to ASSUME that he gets money and there is some EVIL CABAL out to screw everyone over. Just be responsible enough to say you are stating your opinion and NOT fact.

          heck, what would be even more responsible, is to state that you are willing to throw the positives of this movie under the bus, just so you can harm the autor.

          • Oof

            I said that? I think your reading skills are as solid as your grammar.

          • EnigmaMaitreya

            Sad, what a cop out … oh well. You should change your name to:

          • Oof

            It’s spelled “grammar.” Producers make money of the films they produce. You’re strange to contest this fact.

          • EnigmaMaitreya

            Your simply stating an opinion as in belief, as a fact.

            You can continue your opinion/belief BUT reality is that what REAL information there is available says your OPINION is wrong.

            “But multiple sources from both inside and outside the companies that produced the “Ender’s Game” film – distributor Summit Entertainment, visual effects company Digital Domain and book-rights holder OddLot Entertainment – tell TheWrap that Card’s fee has already been paid through a decade-old deal that includes no backend”

            “Though it was whispered early on that Card’s contract had “escalators” – built-in box-office milestones with cash bonuses attached – individuals close to the film say he has no such profit participation.

            And though Card takes a producing credit, he had zero say or creative input in the adaptation, according to all those involved with the movie who spoke with TheWrap about “Ender’s Game.” That stands in support of the idea that he’ll neither gain from its success, nor suffer from its failure.”

            Please note the “producing credit”, generally speaking “credit” in this context is just an acknowledgment NOT a remuneration.

          • Lukas S.

            He never said that it is not the norm for producers to make money off of the films they produce. His point is that there can always be exceptions, and that stating something without truly knowing everything about the thing you’re speculating about may sometimes not be such a good thing. Could you guys at least have worded it like you were questioning whether he makes monet or not, as opposed to simply stating that he does?

          • Brian BigMac McGehee

            No they don’t. The role of producer means nothing more than “you helped make this film”. whether it be a personal investment or they pitched it to the studio. Rarely do they actually make money directly from the movie.

          • Oof


  • Richard Harper


    • EnigmaMaitreya


      Simple Just vote a up or down for which way.

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  • Mic

    He already got paid. How is that so hard to acknowledge? It doesn’t matter if he gets not cut from the box-office earnings, he was already paid for this film. And I’m sure a portion of that money went to support an Anti-LGBTQ organization.

    • Mic


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  • Corey

    Look, it’s entertainment, so what if the guys a bigot? if it’s a good story it’s a good story, you don’t have to agree with the personal beliefs or morals of an intolerant– no, wait, “nonaccepting” is a better word seeing as how LGBT should not be merely tolerated, but instead accepted– old fool to enjoy something they’ve created. We enjoy electricity which was utilized by a man who owned slaves, should we boycott that? just leave the movie alone watch it and enjoy it and discard the sad and insecure soul behind its creation. For beautiful, and often useful things are created from dark places. Focus on the light of it rather than where it actually originated (in this particular situation). The movie itself is hurting none, just giving people a story to be engaged with.

  • geekdump

    Nobody took away his freedom of religion or speech. He can feel and say as he likes. That doesn’t mean people have to like it.