2012 San Diego Comic-Con Badges Sell Out In 90 Minutes!

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comic con logoDid you get your 2012 Comic-Con tickets this morning? If not, join the club as thousands of fans today tried on-line to get their badges today only to be told they were sold out in less than two hours.

This year’s con is predicted to be filled with an incredible amount of movie panels as some think that sneak peeks from ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘The Hobbit,’ and ‘Star Trek 2,’ will be unveiled. With ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ scheduled to open in theaters the weekend after the con, many are hoping a screening or even something extra special this year from them. But first, you had to get a ticket.

This year the planners of Comic-Con had people sign up for a Member ID in order to buy a pass. Before the tickets were to go on sale, members were sent an e-mail link that went live today at 8 am PST in order for them to make a purchase. Within 30 minutes, the 4 day passes were sold out and soon after the entire event.

Many fans are angry about the process. Not just because they weren’t able to get tickets, but finding out that the link in their official e-mail didn’t work. Those who noticed it early on were able to obtain tickets through alternate methods such as going through Comic-Con’s website, copying and pasting the link instead of just clicking it or just using another browser.

If you were one of the unlucky ones, there’s still a chance you can still buy a badge to get in. According to the SDCC Facebook page, tickets will go on sale at a later date:

Comic-Con 2012 badges are sold out. Although our site and EPIC’s registration site was able to handle the load of customers wishing to purchase a badge, the conduit between the link in the email and the registration site was overwhelmed and service was intermittent for a short period of time. However, the link was not incorrect and was not dead, and once the volume of hits decreased it worked as planned. There will be a chance to purchase refunded and returned badges at a later date. Thank you!

Although that may not be too comforting to those who tried to get tickets today, it is a legitimate method that’s a better alternative than trying to buy one from a scalper and getting caught.

Last year the event sold out in 7 hours. This year… 90 minutes.  This sure doesn’t look good for next year.

Let us know if you were able to get tickets! Maybe we can plan a ScienceFiction.com meet up!

  • I got my tickets today for all 4 days. Hope we will see you there!

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  • Matt

    I got my tickets today for Friday and Saturday. As I waited in the queue, I saw 4-day passes sell out about 3 minutes before I was let in. My buddy and I think that the Fri / Sat will be good enough. Plus, we already booked tickets to Zelda live by the San Diego Orchestra at the Copley Symphony Hall. That’s gonna rock!

  • Me

    Last year would have sold out in less than 7 hours if they had used the same system that they had this year. Much improved, kudos CCI for your efforts to not have the same issues as last year. I look forward to next year when the few remaining bugs will have been ironed out in this system.  To everyone that got badges see you there, to those that didn’t try again when returns go on sale in May!

    • mike

       It actually sold out in around 15 min.  After that, it was just waiting to buy.

  • Spillershell

    The fact are that they sent thousands of fans a link, with instructions that if you opened another browser or refreshed, it would send you to the back of the line. So we did as instructed and lost out. If Comic Con was serious about that e-mail, they should have made that link the only way to purchase tickets, that way everyone could have had a fair shot.  I hope the tv networks, comic agents and others take how their fans were treated into consideration and boycott Comic Con.

  • Joy

    I am so happy I got a 4 day badge with preview night. Tried clicking the link twice, and it didn’t work so I decided to copy and paste. Ended up getting in around 6000 and only spent about 15 waiting to get tickets for me and a friend. It’s my first year going and I was very anxious about getting tickets because I heard they sell out quickly and it’s an insane process, but I was thankful that I was quick enough to just copy and paste the link and it actually worked out in my favor. I’m sick of hearing everyone blame a link just because you didnt’ get a ticket.. HELLO.. the link didn’t work for me either but instead of complaining I found another way to make it work. Where there is a will, there is a way. And damnit I needed to find a way to get to Comic-Con this year, it’s on my bucket list and I can’t wait for the sensory overload! Oh and the costumes. Gotta love those too.

    • mike

      Joy, as you said, its your first time. And your naïveté shows.

      What you did WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK!!!!   It was exactly what they said NOT to do.  Meanwhile, following their instructions would most likely have resulted in total failure.  Spillershell nailed it.  You succeeded BECAUSE the system failed.  That should NEVER happen.  And it was almost entirely the result of that stupid click tracker.  No competent IT person would ever have used that in the first place.  And that falls entirely on CC.

      As rookie who never experienced CC’s past registration failures, you should refrain from criticizing those who have, learned from those mistakes, and then were burned doing what should have worked.    

      • Woo

        Actually the instructions said “Refreshing your screen or opening multiple browsers while in the 
        waiting room will send you to the back of the line.”   The key part is ‘while in the waiting room’, not at any time before you are in there.  So before raging understand that you misread the directions.

        • Mike

          No I didn’t misread the instruction Woo. I’m an IT pro.  I know a server crash when I see it. Clicking refresh over and over doesn’t help.  What I didn’t notice immediately was they were using a click tracker. The crashing of the click tracker fooled people into thinking server had crashed.  Which was a regular occurrence in recent years.  

          The usage of a click tracker in that situation is inexcusable. Its like picking up a fright train with a nylon rope you purchased at Home Depot. Its almost a guaranteed failure. I almost spit up my coffee when I noticed the tracker address.  I couldn’t believe they could be so incompetent.  They should take responsibility for that, not make excuses.

          And Im tired of people who got their tickets justifying this.  I have mine too, but it doesn’t excuse CC’s failure.  I’m not going to excuse this years mess just because it didn’t effect me in the end. Their work was incompetent and their response was unprofessional.  Pure and simple. 

      • N F

        Telling someone “your naivete shows” because they got tickets and you didn’t?

        How ironic.

    • Sandlylee555

      If you had an iPhone while buying it just press the link repeatedly and it works

  • I got badges and before clicking the link, I actually counted down until 8:00 and I was like around number 4000 in the first 2 minutes or so… then when the page refreshed, the number went down about a few hundreds per 120 seconds. I bought badges for me and my friends h0ll@~ First comic con woot woot. SASUKE UCHIHA RULES!

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  • Geoffrey Dennis

    As a first-timer, it was wild. Couldn’t get in on the e-mail list, and only cut-and-paste in desperation in the first 7 minutes. That got me 22,314 in line. 
    I bet many who stuck with the e-mail link got burned.  strategically, my wife said, “aim for Thursday and Sunday,” and there were tickets left when it got to me. 

  • Princezeldaocarina

    I am a first timer as well; I managed to buy 2 single day passes for Friday/Saturday. 
    I am pretty fricking excited! 
    I was like 31,193 or something in line, and it seemed to by pretty fast. I was only online for about half an hour before it was my turn. And best thing is one of my friends was able to get her tickets as well! 

  • Joy

    and it didnt’ work for most of those IT guys because if they paid attention, it said once you get into the waiting room, not to open another browser or page. But when you’re obviously opening a page when you click that link then why would the link not work itself? No, it did not work from the email, but it worked on it’s own. Apparently those IT guys couldn’t figure that one out on their own.

  • Deo513

    Got my ticket last yr, same problem with supply and deman , 4 day sold out within mintues, so I was force to buy 4 single day pass ;-(

  • Was able to buy 2 thursday tickets after trying email failed and I went to the comic con page which had a way in.Glad I got mine,but I really feel for those who did as they were told to do and got burned.Its plain as day that a simple solution would be for the con to expand to 5 or 6 days in this era of high demand.When things cool off down the road,they can dial it back to 4 days.That said, if you didn’t get Comic Con tickets there are still plenty of Wonder Con tickets on sale for the event which will be in Anaheim this year.Check it out,theres a lot of major comic industry talent and Big Hollywood films showing up.I will be there and plan to treat it as the day 2 and 3 I couldn’t get at Comic Con.

    • Guest

      Here’s a better answer, with sky high demand and limited supply, double or triple the price of tickets.

  • I got a ticket!  I was one of those who copy/pasted the link and was done in 15 minutes with a 4 day plus preview night. My first time going and I’m super excited!

  • Brandon Carmichael

    I was able to get 2 separate passes for Thursday and Friday. I was a little miffed that the link didn’t work but luckily I typed it in and it took me right too it. Of course I was 18,000 in line,

    • Guest

      I got the same 2 badges im hoping to grab the other two single days later on i am not looking forward to next years sales (Gulp)

  • Woogity Bing Bang

    Screw all of you.  I got four 4-day passes. Ha Ha Ha. I’m going to Comic-Con bitches. You’ll know who I am too because I’ll have a 2 1/2 foot tall Yoda on my shoulders!!!

  • San diego local

    Well for those who signed up on time for a member I.D, it shouldn’t have been that hard to get your tix quickly. I just typed in the URL In the address bar, and bam I was in the mid 6000k person waiting. (hence: it was 8:03am). I even used another laptop to do the same, just in case of some network failure was to pop up. No problem for me. I got 2 4 day passes w. preview, w/o any hassles.

  • Svusuperman

    Link didn’t work for me at first, so i just went through the conic-con site that I had open in another tab… I was 11500 in line, and was lucky to get all fours days, but in individual days… I just barely missed the 4-day passes. I’m a little upset I didn’t get the 4-day with a Preview, but like I said, I was able to get 3 sets of 4 individual day passes…

    • Schmoovey

      Comic-Con here we come!  Woooohooo!

  • Screw these nerds. Loser city.

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  • Bexster

    As soon as they sent out the email with the link, I had it bookmarked as my home page, lol.. I didn’t want to miss out on 4 day badges, afterall … So on sat morning at 7.59am I kept refreshing my browser until 8am and managed to get in line around the #1,000′s. I was one of the fortunate few who got a 4-day w/ preview night pass. Shoot, after last year’s fiasco I’m glad I took the proactive approach this year! 

  • Ichigo21619

    I was getting bad too with the link not working, but I got the same idea as alot of people did. I went to the web site and end up in the 16,xxx :)…. I been trying to get tickets for tree years so I’m very happy I get to go this year :D

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  • Teaxie

    I was #200 in line. True story.

    Got a ticket for me and five of my friends and finished everything around 8:15. Saturday only passes. Hope to see you all <3

  • I love how all these local CA people logged in 2,3,4 computers and talk about how easy it was to get in. Did anyone out of of CA even get a ticket? Being 2 time zones away with a slow connection I did not get in for 30 min. Maybe that’s because everyone was logged with multiple computers hogging up the bandwidth?  Cluster  F
    8000 people left in the room when badges sold out. This event is run by amateurs because they refuse for find a bigger venue. 8000 X $80 (most people buying at least 2 days) = $640,000+
    Why allow 6 ID purchases? Why allow multiple day purchases? How many people got hosed prepaying for hotel rooms? Great idea promoting non-refundable hotel room deals

  • Mroland36

    herp derp herp derp i wany gu tp cumio cun

  • cuthbert51

    Quit BLEEPING whining. As fun as it is, it’s a comic book convention.

  • Drboyd

    To those who run Comic-con PLEASE DOUBLE or TRIPLE YOUR PRICES NEXT YEAR, so those of us who are true comic book fans have a chance to get tickets.