Last issue in ‘FF’ #14, the Future Foundation and the Fantastic Four were battling to keep the godlike Celestials from invading our universe. While this was happening Nathaniel and Valeria Richards were trying to orchestrate events so that they could buy some time to alter the future that Nathaniel has already seen. Back at the portal, the other heroes were racing to close the gateway from the Celestial dimension into ours and some-time-villain Doctor Doom volunteered to stay behind and hold the gods off to give the heroes time to close the gate. As the issue closed, the Celestials burst through the portal and it seemed as if the world was doomed!

As this issue opens, Valeria and Nathaniel reveal that they have indeed managed to buy the extra 28 minutes that were needed to allow them to alter the future. The problem is that the young heroes are trapped in the middle of nowhere after they teleported the top several floors of the Baxter Building away during the Kree attack on Earth several issues ago. But it isn’t long before they get a ride back to civilization… courtesy of the Power Pack! On board the Power Pack’s ship, Franklin meets up with the mysterious white figure that helped him to create the alternate universe to begin with and Valeria contacts her father to tell him to meet her at the Hub, a place built by the alternate universe counsel of Reeds. Valeria says that the Hub may be their only hope of defeating the Celestials. But before they can use the Hub, the heroes must overcome a future race of moloids that are protecting the structure. As the issue closes, the Celestials arrive and Franklin discovers the identity of the white figure. I won’t spoil it for your but, if you’ve read ‘Fantastic Four’ #603, you already know who it is.

With only a couple of issues left, Jonathan Hickman’s epic ‘Fantastic Four’ tale is winding to a head. Over the past twelve months, Hickman has woven a tapestry of the FF’s past, present, and future, into a glorious piece of art that expect will be remembered as one of the classic FF tales of the decade. Of course, at this point in the story, if you haven’t been following along since the beginning, it isn’t going to make much sense. There’s just too much going on. If that’s the case, I’d wait until the new storyline begins with ‘FF’ #17 with “Roomies”, as Johnny Storm moves in with his old pal Peter Parker. And, since Hickman’s story is just to good to miss, be sure to catch up with the trade paperback of Hickman’s story (the first volume of which was released yesterday).

And Mr. Hickman, if you or any one at Marvel is reading this, might I suggest adding the kids from Power Pack into the Future Foundation? They made a great combination and I have loved Power Pack since the 80s so it would be great to have them around the Marvel Universe again.

Verdict: Buy

FF #15